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Wednesday 29 June 2016
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Bev Vincent

The now concluded WHC 2011  hosted some of the most acclaimed novelists of the horror genre. Over the next several weeks I’d like to introduce you to them. Today, we’ll start with Bev Vincent.

A  liaison at the WHC for the special guests, he was one of the first individuals I met when I reached the hotel. While I was not a “special guest”  he treated me like one.  He was one of the people behind the success of this year’s WHC which I understand, was one of the best. I was actually unaware of his awesome responsibility until I read a recent blog entry on his website. WOW!  I really enjoyed the privilege of  speaking with him when time permitted. He’s a highly motivated professional, and a  talented writer  as well as an editor for Cemetery Dance magazine. He also has the  unique ability to make you feel like he’s known you forever.

So Kudos to Mr. Vincent  from Dead,Buried,and Back! for your outstanding contribution to this year’s WHC.

Be sure to log on to his website and pick up some of his work.       bevvincent.com



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