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Nate Southard

Ok, I need to be perfectly honest about something. The first time I heard the name Nate Southard, all I knew was that he was a horror writer. I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with any of his work.  All I actually knew at the time, was that he was responsible for organizing the WHC 2011 events. I promptly corrected that prior to the WHC!  Oh, I also knew that Joe McKinney and Brian Keene had said some really nice things about him. So for those of you whom have not had the pleasure of meeting him, or reading his work, allow me a brief introduction.

Nate Southard released his first graphic novel in 2005 titled DRIVE. After that, A TRIP to RUNDBERG was released. The graphic novel’s premiss was about a small group of survivors in a small town of Millwood during a zombie apocalypse. (nice illustrations).  Some of his novels include Red Sky and Black Magick. He has also written several Novellas including This Little Light of Mine, and more recently, Focus. Also to his credit,well over two dozen short stories. One of which, In The Middle of Poplar Street, got him a Bram Stoker nomination. His newest which I just started reading,  Scavengers looks to be a great one!       

I first met him when I was registering. He greeted me with a firm handshake and welcomed me. Then we laughed as he asked me if I was the guy who called him with questions about the WHC. He was wondering how I got his phone number…so I told him..1-900-

(just kiddin Nate). While I’ve read that he claims he’s not a people person, I in fact, had several nice conversations with him and found him to be very humble and professional. He certainly deserves a huge round of applause for his hard work and success of the convention. Again, Brian Keene and many others cannot say enough great things about this man. That’s why I found it only fitting that the folks in Georgia and fans of the horror genre meet him. Yes, I am now a die hard fan of his and will be for life…join me!

Please log on to his site or go to our link at Amazon books and buy a few!                natesouthard.com