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Tuesday 14 July 2020
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Zombies on the moon! in Black Ops “Rezzurection”

Zombie fans check out this video preview of the new Black Ops “Rezzurection”  A zombie attack on the moon..too cool!

The game is slated to be released later this month.
The map pack will cost $15.00

4 thoughts on “Zombies on the moon! in Black Ops “Rezzurection”


    i believe the dlc will be amazing and they are milking it especially from me because i have the special edition black ops for xbox 360 but im switching over to ps3 so not only have i spent 110 on the game (hardened + preowned ps3 version) i am also buying the map packs over so 150 almost(xbox + ps3 dlc)…..alot of people call that a waste well……..switching systems is expensive and the only reasonto get black ops dlc in the first place is the zombie maps so i think its worth it…….ps3 is the way to go, except for gears….thats only reason i have the xbox in the first place is gears of war….everything else… ps3

    1. John C. Farris

      One thing you can say about the marketing..they’re right on target with their fans!
      Personally I like the concept and look forward to purchasing the map for my X-box.
      I think that trading systems will always be a matter of personal choice. If your really into gaming, it may be a smart decision though so don’t have to many regrets.
      Good luck and enjoy!

  2. cg1luv

    Y is it 15$ Xbox was only 1200 pts normally would of been 1600 pts so ps3 trying to make more $ out of it. Wow

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