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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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“Moving Hazard” trailer arrives

moving hazard

Psyop Games and IllFonic are collaborating on a new team-based, competitive first person shooter, Moving Hazard, set 50 years after the collapse of civilization due to a fast-moving and unstoppable zombie plague. In this world, however, the zombies aren’t the main enemies, but instead lethal assets that can be weaponized to the player’s advantage using a variety of clever strategies and in-game devices. Moving Hazard is expected to release for personal computer in early 2016.

“Some of the most interesting and terrifying scenes in zombie pop-culture, from the likes of The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead, are when humans unleash the devastating force of the impenetrable undead upon their enemies,” said Matt Wilkinson, head of tech, Psyop Games. “Using the zombies as weapons causes chaos, fear, and confusion that can quickly overwhelm opponents and change the landscape of the battle. Moving Hazard looks to capture this moment with fresh tools and tactics that will combine classic military shooter and zombie survival gameplay in a totally new way.”

They won. Enter a world fifty years after the Zombie Apocalypse, where military city states vie for control of scarce resources by weaponizing zombies against each other. Per Bloody Disgusting,the game also features “realistic weapons and a military approach to using tactical equipment and skill streaks to weaponize and herd zombies to the player’s liking in order to gain the upper hand,” in addition to the standard arsenal of weapons and gear you would expect to see in any Battle Call: Field of Duty game.

About the zombies:

The zombies in Moving Hazard are classic “shamblers.” These are the slow moving zombies made famous by old-school Romero movies, made fun of in Shawn of the Dead, and brought back into the popular culture with The Walking Dead.
The Moving Hazard zombies are not the ones seen in the movie World War Z or the video game Left For Dead.
One key point-of-difference between “shamblers” in Moving Hazard versus these other sources is that ours are really old. With 50 years of aimless wandering, their physical status has degraded from “pretty gross” to “seriously effed-up.” A typical Alpha Zombie herd will have zombies who “turned” at various ages, giving their group a varied look.
These six sketches should cover the spectrum from the more recent zombies who are only “pretty gross” to the older “totally disturbing” ones.

Moving Hazard will be released for PC later this year.

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