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Sunday 9 August 2020
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The knives, they stuck too deep: Brian Shaw

Ahhh, horror poetry! Nothing like it! Yes, here at Dead, Buried, and Back! we  like to post your horror poetry PROVIDED it follows the basic rules. No foul language, sexual imagery, abuse and so forth.  Other than that, feel free to send us your horror themed poetry. Of course, please remember due to the influx of horror entertainment news, it might be awhile before we post it, so don’t be discouraged!



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Jackals wearing the faces of friends

     circle and show their teeth

The charade is over as false companions

     close in with stilettos drawn

Emotional lampreys feed

     take what they need

          and leave the shell behind

Drained and broken upon the frozen ground

Arising with a damaged soul to greet the dark hours

     and walking inside living nightmares

          that tease, taunt and take their toll

Servants of vengeance whisper ideas of fiery retribution

     guaranteed to burn the world

          and turn the beasts to ash

Poison thought pollution

Venomous feeling begone

Corruptive emotions overpowering a mind once kind

Apathy surrounds the promises unkept

Hollow words spoken
     that leave an empty sound

Feast of friendship abandoned

     to decay and draw flies

          as kindless carrion circle above

               awaiting to gnaw upon

                    the skeleton of an unconditional love

Branded, blackened heart

Ugly like the demonic three that tarnish understanding

Concessions to the darkness are always bought in exchange

    for a price that can never be refunded

Old Great Spirit set it all free

Release the shadows

     and let the light shine in once more