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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Is She Real?

Occasionally we receive poems from our registered members. Here’s one from Marcelo Henry titled Is She Real?
Enjoy and please see below for our poetry submission guidelines.


Is She Real?
As night time falls across the land.
We prepared for rest.
Climbing in bed, hand in hand,
Her head upon my chest.
Lying in bed on that cold, dark night,
Where nothing seemed amiss.
Our room was overtaken by a flash of light,
Followed by the appearance of a wisp.
It lingered for a moment.
Then it passed through her body,
She immediately waxed cold.
She began to speak of things that I had never told her.
The things I kept in my soul.
Paralyzed and consumed with fear because of what is happening.
A knocking sound begins.
And then a figure shaped like my love walks in.
And watches me as I shiver.
She speaks to me about a dream,
A dream she had a night before.
It was full of frivolous things.
Like seashells on a seashore.
Trying to ease my mind and pass some time, so I could fall asleep.
She came to bed, her head on my chest,
The moment seemed so sweet.
As I lay there staring up,
I remember the truth.
This girl’s time on earth had long been gone.
I was sleeping with a ghoul.
When I became aware of the creature’s nature,
She began to wail.
Shrieks of pain and deep despair,
Strong enough to destroy the mortal ear.
How did I get into this situation?
How did I get this life?
Oh, when I came to the sad realization.
I never had a wife.

Poetry submissions:
In order for us to post your poetry please adhere to the following guidelines:
1. No sexual situations, physical abuse/torture, or inappropriate language.
2. Poems may be cross-genre, (fantasy, sci-fi) but the premise must contain strong elements of horror.
3. If it has been published elsewhere, please state so.
4. Please send only 3 submissions per month.
5. By submitting your poetry to Dead, Buried, and Back! magazine you agree and understand
that you will NOT be compensated.

Thank you and we look forward to reading and posting your poetry.

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