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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Here at Dead,Buried,and Back! we like to support the literary side of our magazine by promoting books,comics,and poetry and we always welcome submissions. While we cannot offer compensation for the submissions, we hope that by publishing their work our readers will connect with the talented writers and support them just as they continue to support the genre.
I hope you enjoy’Blowtorch’

The first time we met I couldn’t take my eyes off you. It was the same when I thru the first shovel full into the grave. I’ll always remember you sitting on my balcony watching you in the see-through dress you’d bought, it danced shadows and beams of lite over the meat clever in your purse. The sun brought your beauty to a higher level and the energy ignited your girlish laughter as we indulged in what seemed like pools of endless champagne and diamond bowls of blackberries. We both knew the day would come when one of us would be killed by the other. It was none negotiable; if we disobeyed we’d both become targets. I thought it was odd that she wasn’t wearing any makeup; she’d always do herself up like Cleopatra or Lauren Bacall, it was a mask of sorts, but who was she hiding from? Herself? I liked her in the morning, fresh, no makeup, and no gun straps. The meat cleaver made no sense, she never used one at work and it was part of my basic arms ensemble.
She could hide four guns; six knives, eight throwing stars, three grenades, an asp and a grappling gun and you’d never see anything but her curves. She’d never leave a weapon exposed even with me. There are laws and codes that we live by in the organization and she had her back to me, a punishable offence within the context of carrying out a “Dispatch”, meaning (kill). Behind my shades tears were forming in my eyes as I now knew her intensions, she wasn’t going to carry out the job and she didn’t want some stranger coming up from behind and popping off a couple in her head. She wanted me to kill her, then and there with her see through dress and a glass of champagne.

Artist, Illustrator, Poet, sculptor, and Mostly Human I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, over time I began to branch out to other forms of expression, currently illustration and horror poetry. I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto attending a specialized Art school (Wexford C.I.) before enrolling in O.C.A. (Ontario College of Art). Afterwards I went out on my own, showing where ever they’d let me. I spent some time in Vancouver taking a Classical Animation program at (Capilano College) but after heading back to Toronto I realized Fine Art was more of a passion then making Porky Pig climb up a rope. I’m currently living downtown in Toronto Canada pursuing my work both in writing and illustration focusing on the horror genre.
Web-site (judsonmichaelagla.com)

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