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Thursday 4 June 2020
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Atlanta’s Rock&Roll Monster Bash!

On Sunday June 5th I headed to Atlanta’s oldest remaining drive in theater the Starlight Six, for the Monster Bash a combination  of rock music and horror genre fans ready to take in a marathon of Horror classic films such as The kingdom of the Spiders and Grizzly. Hosted by Netherworld and Sliver Scream SpookShow the event supported artists, musicians, hot rods of Horror, and much more!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hang around for the model show, but we’ll try and post some of the pics from those that did.

My first priority  was to meet Lucas Godfrey from Gorehound Productions. They’re the masterminds behind The Chamber of Horrors.  His team  had the right idea on a hot day like this…a good size tent , comfortable seats and  lots of cool promo material. By two O’clock the event was in full swing and a steady stream of fans poured in! Kicking off the entertainment, a family trio cranked out some tunes while their 9 year old son hit the skins like he was a pro!    Despite the heat on this 95 degree day, there were those that got into character, and walked around greeting they’re fans. I spoke with several vendors who were selling everything from pop culture art like Jason “Hevvy” Clark who had crafted horror artwork on old scrap wood (neat stuff) to Ted Murphy of Spookytoons. Of course before I left, I had to sample a veggie corn dog. Not bad I must say!

Anyway, for my first Rock&Roll MonsterBash I thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow professionals, horror fans, and those that support the genre. There are several upcoming events in the next few months including a Zombie walk in Atlanta! We’ll bring more details on that as they become available.

Also coming this summer, a host of classic horror/and Clint Eastwood  films will be playing all summer at the Plaza Theater .

So there’s lots to do Horror fans before Halloween! Check back with us so you don’t miss out!


2 thoughts on “Atlanta’s Rock&Roll Monster Bash!

  1. Hevvy

    Great to meet ya John! Really cool talking with you about all things Ghouly! Really dig your site. I’ll be on it all day!!! …and then I’ll be back! Thanks again,
    Jason “Hevvy” Clark

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