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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Zombie Christmas poem

Art by Rob Sacchetto           http://www.zombieportraits.com/

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School was out and shopping had begun, as six year old Johnny gave a Santa list to his mom.

The list was complete with all the newest toys… remote controlled cars,  Lego’s,  an X-box… he’d been a good boy.

She looked at the paper, then kissed his cheek. “We’ll give it to Santa then wait and see.”

Crossing the lot he looked left then right, pulling his mom’s arm much to her delight.

With a smile on his face and a heart filled with cheer, he stood with other children, some elves and plastic reindeer.

When it was Johnny’s turn on Santa’s knee, he whispered his wishes as Santa nodded and agreed.

After awhile as they pushed through the crowds, Johnny started fussing “Hey mom I wanna go now!”

With a cart full of gifts, and her own list in hand, she checked off each item then looked at her young man.

From the checkout lane she heard the first shots, as a man then a woman, fell in a parking spot.

With a tug of her hand Johnny pleaded  to see, so she lifted him up pointing “It’s all over …sorry baby.”

With a dash to the car she strapped in her son, tossed in the bags before spotting one!

Pointing her finger she shouted with glee  “Over there son !  By the Christmas trees!”

Wearing a  festive red sweater with little reindeer and all, it’s belly was like Santa’s , but it’s head wrinkled and bald!

Then the silence was broken with the first two shots as a third found it’s head…. the zombie sweet spot!

Looking back at the zombie as it lay in the snow Johnny’s mom gave it nod and a  smile of her own.

The snow continued falling as Johnny was tucked in for the night, was read  ‘ Twas the Night Before Christmas before she turned out the light.

Closing his door she heard a familiar sound,  so she moved to the garland wrapped bannister, glancing down.

Standing under the mistletoe the young shirtless man waited… he was lean and tone, she was elated.

Hurrying down the stairs with a leap and a bound into his arms he spun her around. With a quick kiss and content as can be, the man uttered      “I told you he’d take three.”