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Thursday 4 June 2020
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Z.14.12 exclusive interview: Mark Knapp


Atlanta is a hotbed of indie productions. Last year I got word though the grapevine about a film in production called Z.14.12. When I contacted the director via a friend of mine,the director A.J.Caruso wanted to wait before he started any publicity or marketing for his film. He had some specific goals in mind, so the title(date)stayed a secret well into post production. While many speculated on Z.14.12, it was made clear during a private screening of the film.
With permission, I’ve interviewed the cast and over the coming weeks you’ll get to know those involved with the production of Z.14.12. So what does Z.14.12 mean? All I can tell you is it’s a date to remember.
Here’s the IMDB synopsis:
Amateur prepper Zack and his partner Jess face the ultimate apocalyptic event to find that things are nothing like anyone predicted. He and his house guests must find their way out of this horrifying dilemma as all preparations prove useless.
Today’s interview begins with with actor Mark Knapp.

DB&B: Mark the title Z.14.12 is kind of mysterious. While some people might think they know what it means, did you have any idea when you were hired what it meant? When did you find out?
Mark:I did NOT know what it meant when I was hired. I probably thought it had something to do with the date: December 14 with the 14 and 12. It was during one of the pre-production meetings I believe that A.J. described it.It’s a fantastic twist in the film and a great way to hide the twist in plain sight in the title.
DB&B:If someone asked you what has been the biggest mental or physical challenge of your acting career so far what would you say?
Mark:I play a police officer in an upcoming feature film. I’m ambushed in one part and have a beer bottle smashed over my head. We did three takes with each one showering the pile of grass I was falling into with pieces of sugar glass. It wasn’t particularly painful but was startling each time and very technical. Oh and I hung myself for a film once. I really wanted it to be realistic and came away with a sore Adam’s apple for several days. My advice is to not use a belt if hanging yourself; it hurts a lot more than a rope.
DB&B:Tell us a little about your character Mick. Would you say you have similar personality traits or was Mick someone you developed as the film progressed?
Mark:I play Mick in Z.14.12. It’s funny how much of Mick’s character was formed from one line of dialog. At one point he says “we got the heck out of there.” The fact that this character would say that line seeded a lot of the fear and passivity and “nice guy-ness” in the character for me. I probably share some of Mich’s quirkiness but much of the character was developed as the film progressed. There was a running joke for a while during our half-delirious overnight filming that Mick was evoking Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
DB&B: Have you worked with some of the other cast before?
Mark: I had not worked with the cast before. I’ve run into several of them since,though. Funny how that happens.
DB&B:Now that Z.14.12 is complete, what’s your next project?
Mark: I’ve worked on several projects since Z.14.12 and have watched films from last year premiere around the country. It’s been an exciting time.Most recently, I wrapped a local SAG independent horror thriller feature coming out later this year.
DB&B: Thanks Mark, we appreciate it.

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