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Thursday 29 October 2020
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WIHFF ‘Retch’ review

The 3rd annual Women In Horror Film Festival (WIHFF) is PACKED with great films. There’s tremendous talent and hard work behind these films and we’re proud to be able to review some of them for you. If you didn’t have the opportunity to make it to the festival, check back with us for additional film reviews.

Today, we have RETCH. Read our review then follow then, check out their film.

Retch (2018) Director: Kier Siewart Performers: Chloe Wigmore and Maria Teresa Creasey Retch is a short horror film that works part gross-out and part gut punch. Young woman Sonia (Chloe Wigmore) undergoes a startling ordeal as her illness manifests as something unnatural.

The filmography is superb, starting in the middle of the action with a seizure and while panicked friend Rebecca (Maria Teresa Creasey) frantically searches for something to help. The tonal shift partway through drags the viewer through the ordeal,  with some truly effective practical effects enhancing the surreal grotesque scenario.

It’s a nightmarish ride! This is definitely one to watch at this weekend’s Women in Horror Film Festival! Retch is a finalist, so you know there’s a plethora of fantastic films for horror fans. Films screen at The Strand Theater from Thursday, February 27th through Saturday, February 29th in Atlanta, Georgia.


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