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Monday 23 November 2020
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WHC 2011 Marcus Pelegrimas

If you like real Werewolf and Vampire stories not the Tween stuff…you need to read Macus Pelegrimas’ novels!

I met Mr. Pelegrimas at the convention and like many of the talented authors there, he was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me introducing me to his work. He really is an awesome guy! So let me dive into his bio a little.


Marcus Pelegrimas is the author of the SKINNERS series published by Eos Books. The first four books, Blood Blade, Howling Legion, Teeth of Beasts and Vampire Uprising are currently available in bookstores and online. The fifth entry, The Breaking, will hit stores on May 31, 2011. His previous work includes short stories that have appeared in anthologies ranging from the mystery and western genres. He has also written two western series (THE MAN FROM BOOT HILL published by HarperCollins and THE ACCOMPLICE published by Berkley) under the pseudonym Marcus Galloway. During his ten year career as a professional writer, he has done extensive ghostwriting work but prefers to write about ghosts instead. He lives and works in West Virginia.
Ok, hopefully that gives you a little insight into this man’s talent! Again, having met him for the first time, I was left with a great impression. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to “hang around with him” enough at the convention because I would have loved to sit with him and dive into the inner workings of his mind a little! Or possible do an  interview for our readers… which ever came first. Trust me when I say this, Dead, Buried,and Back will definitely be bringing you more updates as we get them on his releases and other projects so check back with us periodically. In the mean time, click on our Amazon link and order yourself a Marcus Pelegrimas novel and be prepared to be scared!