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Thursday 29 October 2020
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Walkers for Warriors

My brother was a veteran. I have strong feelings about the care of our veterans and without climbing on a soapbox, I’ll just share this great charity with you. They say behind every good man is a great woman. In this case there are two women. Allow me to introduce you to Grace Loveland (president) and Mary Loveland (director) for Warriors for Walkers.



I met the Walkers For Warriors team at a previous Atlanta Walker Stalker convention where my good friend Gene Russell who’s a Negan cos-player,introduced me to his charity. Unlike other charities that support veterans,Walkers for Warriors is uniting Walking Dead cos-players and veterans.
The following details come from their website.

Mission statement:
Walkers for Warriors connects talented cosplayers directly with veteran-based programs that promote the well-being, education, and security of those who have served in the armed forces of the United States of America.
Walkers for Warriors was founded when two professional cosplayers, Gene Russell (Negan Unchained) and Nicholas Roylance (Norman Reedesque) decided that they wanted their passion for cosplay to benefit others. Nicholas is a veteran himself, and so the decision to dedicate their energy towards veteran causes seemed a most natural choice. As a small non-profit, Walkers for Warriors aims for helping veterans as individuals, not as a monolith. Our first partnership is with the University of Mississippi Welcome Home Campaign, a campaign centered on providing for military-connected students, particularly student veterans at the University of Mississippi, with the resources they need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. The vision for this campaign is to generate revenue for a new space on campus to provide all the necessary amenities for student veterans, military-connected students, ROTC cadets and midshipmen, and dependents in a single location. Our belief is that by working with organizations like the University of Mississippi, we can make a more profound and direct impact on the lives of veterans throughout the country.

We are dedicated to making an impact in the lives of veterans throughout the country. Make a 100% tax-deductible gift today to help us support veterans programs. Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please follow this link to donate.





About: Gene Russell (Team Leader)

Gene (Negan Unchained) is a cosplayer whose likeness to Jeffery Dean Morgan has amazed fans at conventions for the past couple of years. Born in Pasadena, Texas, Gene has long resisted any mandates that he grow up. A public adjuster by day, Gene developed an interest in cosplaying in 2015 because it looked like fun. When Negan first appeared on The Walking Dead in April 2016, he knew he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to portray such a compelling villain. He loves that he has the opportunity to meet fans from all over the world and then gets to take goofy pictures with them.


About: Nicholas Roylance (team leader)

Nicholas Roylance is a disabled veteran of the United States Army, upon his exit from the military, Nicholas turned to acting… as he began to get roles and pursue his dream he was continuously referred to as “dime store Daryl” for his resemblance to a young Norman Reedus… eventually Nicholas began cosplaying and it BLEW UP … (the good kind of blew up) haha “vet joke”… Nic met Gene soon after and walkers for warriors was started!!!

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