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Monday 23 November 2020
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Vincent Price stamp

 vincent_price_by_anderpeich-d48cpm8From the whitehouse.gov (yup a political website) comes word of a new stamp. Can you guess who it is?  While no images have been chosen yet I’m excited the government is finally honoring some of the great cinematic legends of horror.

Vincent Price was one of the greatest actors in American cinema. A film career that spanned over 6 decades he did drama, comedy, but what he was most known for was his horror films. He made Edgar Allen Poe’s masterpieces come to life, he made world shiver at the sight a fly, & yes he even went toe to toe against Batman as the villainous Egghead! He read a monologue during Michael Jackson’s hit song Thriller. He played Professor Ratigan in the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, & even tried to kill The Brady Bunch! His work inspired the great Tim Burton to make some of his finest movies. Sadly this great actor left us on 10-25-93, just 6 days shy of Halloween. We the undersigned request his legacy lives on forever in the form of stamp to be released on Halloween this year.

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