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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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The Vampire Diaries: Midseason finale review

Christmas Through Your EyesChristmas Through Your Eyes







Don’t read on if you missed The Vampire Diaries midseason finale.

It’s not exactly the kind of Christmas anybody would wish for. On last night’s midseason finale on the Vampire Diaries there was magic, back-stabbing, deception, and a little heartbreak.
Kai played by Chris Wood became even more powerful when he discovered he could take use the Traveler’s spell to his advantage.To top that off, he then put a spell on Elena which made her invisible to everybody but himself. (I kind of liked that one)
Anyway, here’s a brief character breakdown from last night’s episode.
Caroline’s informed that Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) was admitted to the hospital for her cancer which the doctors believe has now reached her brain-stem.
Enzo bumped heads with Matt and after throwing Matt in his van, he admitted he’s going to use Matt to ruin Stephan’s happiness.
One of my favorite scenes came when Bonnie is seen hauling a Christmas tree across the lot in a depressed type of fashion.Then in another scene, you see her burning the Christmas tree.
Now we turn to Delena. She spent the night going through the books (Aleric’s) looking for any information on the Ascendant.
There’s also a neat Mistletoe tease between Damon and Elena.

Here’s some of the casts thoughts on the season finale per TV line.
Ian Somerhalder said the Christmas episode is intense with a high production value. The episode took 11 days to shoot rather than the normal 8 or 9, and he says while everyone is celebrating the holiday, “Damon is getting his ass kicked and running around trying to stop the madman, so typical Mystic Falls Christmas.”
Candice Accola(Caroline) had this this say.”Mystic Falls is still very close to her heart, and it’s very difficult for her not to be able to go home.” The episode will feature flashbacks to more carefree times for Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline, and it reminded Accola how much the character has grown over the past six seasons. Caroline used to only care about very surface level problems, and that’s changed. Her relationships have changed over the years too, and there’s tension between her and Stefan right now.

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