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What are your plans this weekend? Are they TWISTED?

The Twisted Fears convention has officially arrived in Atlanta! Tonight Thursday, the 26th, They’re having their meet and greet pre-party.  BUT tomorrow is  the start of the con.

In case you haven’t heard, Twisted Fears will be at the Perimeter Center Marriott hotel.(link below) from Sept.  27th-29th. Have you made your reservations yet? No? Well take a look at their international celebrity guest list.  The eerie event also will celebrate the worldwide re-launch of Gorezone, the even more splattery sister magazine of Fangoria . Needless to say, ATLRetro couldn’t help but declare con organizer Jeremy Morris Kool Kat of the Week to find out all the deadly details.

Timed perfectly with the start of the Halloween season( YEAH!) Twisted Fears has put together a great convention for Atlanta’s horror crowd. Below are some excerpst taken  from a recent interview with the con’s founder, Jeremy Morris. Thanks to Retro Atlanta for the interview.

“Twisted Fears was formed a year ago by my twisted imagination. I have been in the convention scene nearly 20 years. I have met a lot of great people along the way. The true reasoning of the creation of Twisted Fears was a part of my true love of the horror genre. I have lived in Atlanta all of my life and I felt it was time to do a show with a twist, something different than what fans may be accustomed too. As a long-time fan of this convention scene, I have always wished to see more international guests at shows because there are a lot of films [that are] forgotten. I chose to bring in guests that you may have not seen in a long time or possibly never, which gives the fans a fresh new roster of celebrities.”

“We have a lot of panels, events, night-time parties scheduled. The signature event is the first of it’s kind, our own Twisted Feast Dinner Party, with a very intimate setting for all fans to have a quiet dinner with all of the guests in attendance. This is a chance to truly have an experience of meeting the guests like no other.”

Now for some specifics:

When: Sept.27-29th     Where:  Marriott Perimeter Center http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/atlpc-atlanta-marriott-perimeter-center/

Time:  Friday  4pm-10pm,  Saturday  10am-7pm  and Sunday 10am-5pm

Cost: TICKETS ON SALE AT THE DOOR!                                                  



FULL WEEKEND $40                                                                                                                       

LIMITED number of VIP passes left! Hurry if you want one!

Remember to visit their website and like them on Twitter and Facebook!