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Monday 27 January 2020
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“The Takeover” Exclusive interview with Lizzy Vincent

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Here at Dead, Buried, and Back! we consider ourselves blessed. We’re in the heart of Atlanta which has become one of the busiest movie production cities in the country. We’re surrounded by TV/movie projects, web series, film festivals, conventions, and so much more. But the real joy is getting to know the people behind the projects.
Today I bring you a very talented actress by the name of Lizzy Vincent. Aside from her busy acting career, this young lady is also preparing to complete her first album. She’s a wonderful singer and her music has already hit the airwaves in Tennessee.

Bio: Some of Lizzy Vincent’s credits include :
Silent Hill: Lost Days | Lead: Mary Sunderland (2013)
Case of the Maltese Moose and Squirrel | Lead: Natasha (2014)
Family Business | Lead: Beth Malone (2013)
You Can’t Scare Me | Lead: Mother (2014)
Beyond the Fire (Short) | as Waitress (2013)
Behind the Chords | as Erica (band member) (2012)
Let’s Be Cops | as Mossi’s girl and featured college reunion guest (2013)
The Getaway | as Mrs. Claus party guest (2013)
Dream Writers Pilot | as Chloe
BET Being Mary Jane – Party Guest (2013)
Syfy Network Dream Machines -as self (2013)
MTv Room Raiders – as self (2002)

You can follow Lizzy here: http://lizzyvincent.com/

DB&B: “Lizzy, it’s really nice to meet you. Your director Trent Harris says your energy keeps him going.”
Lizzy: “That’s sweet.. he keeps us all going.”
DB&B: “I see you’re an actress, song writer, singer, model, mother and you run a non-profit charity called the Music Empowerment Program. That’s quite a list of accomplishments Lizzy. I guess we should start with your acting career. How old were you when the acting bug bit you, so to speak?”
Lizzy: “Ever since I was a kid, I loved writing scripts and directing people. It was a lot of fun but I wasn’t sure if I would ever get paid for it.As I grew up,I became more involved with public speaking and doing school announcements,that sort of thing. But I also loved to sing so I pursued that as well. Eventually I began hosting vehicle reviews for AutoTrader, small news segment clips, a national commercial and dabbled in independent films. After that, I landed representation with one of Atlanta’s top agencies and started booking mostly industrial work, like training videos and online commercials.My first theatrical role though was on “Let’s Be Cops”. In Let’s Be Cops I had a small part which unfortunately was edited down in the final cut, but it granted me tremendous experience interacting with film leads.I quickly discovered there’s a huge difference between indie film sets and features.”
DB&B: “Like what for example?”
Lizzy: “On indie films we tend to be more relaxed, there’s usually more time between shoots and obviously you have less people on the set. With a feature, it’s more stressful. There are literally hundreds of people watching you sometimes AND you better be ready at all times. No wandering  off or joking around.The shoots are always on a very tight schedule and every wasted moment means money.”
DB&B: “So what kind of roles do you like?”
Lizzy : “I generally like roles that play a submissive character at first, but then break out into a powerful individual. Or characters that are very independent and strong willed from the beginning.”
DB&B: “Is it tough to portray these characters or are they part of who you are?”
Lizzy: “I feel the most honest we can be is when we can be our essence.”
DB&B: “Your essence?”
Lizzy : “Yes, we are most believable when we’re playing from who we are. In a movie you don’t want to be “Like” that person, you need to “become” that person.Then it’s believable.”
DB&B: “Who’s your acting coach right now?”
Lizzy: “The person I will always consider to be my acting coach, the one who believed in me, saw potential in me, is Vince Pisani. I’ve been with him for two years. He taught me to use my essences and play to my strengths and to avoid roles that were out of my scope of practice.”
DB&B: “In The Takeover you’re playing the general’s wife. What’s she like?” (Lizzy grins)
Lizzy: “My character is Stephanie O’Brien. My husband General O’Brien, has taken over the military and after my son gets killed which doesn’t really bother him, I become very intense.From the beginning Stephanie is very calculating and stoic anyway, but the circumstances change her dynamic quickly.Speaking of acting, I’d also like to mention that I’m so grateful for the help of a director named Taylor Giddens. He’s with from Kelly Productions here in Atlanta. I’ve worked with him on several films and he gave me multiple opportunities and helped put the faith in me that I could succeed as an actress.”
DB&B: “That must be a great feeling knowing you have talented and accomplished industry professionals backing you.”
Lizzy: “It is, and I’ll always thank those who supported me every chance I get.”
DB&B:”Switching gears, let’s talk a little about your music career.You said you’ve been singing since you were young. How far as your singing taken you?”
Lizzy: I’ve been truly blessed as far as my singing is concerned. I started out singing in girl bands when I was 14. Back then a producer came to us and wanted us to tour nationally, but I wasn’t sure about dropping out of school so I didn’t take the offer.I continued to sing here and there and even got a gig singing at Atlanta’s Unplugged In The Park for Rock 100.5 and KICKS 101.5. I also had the opportunity this past April to perform with up and coming names like Sophie Hiller(currently working on her debut album) who is the backup singer for lady Gaga and Tom Jones. I’ve also worked with Michael Tolcher who has just released his second album and has toured with Maroon 5. Then one day while I was sitting in my car in a public parking garage, I started just singing away.While I was singing, a strange man comes out of one of the doors and walks up to my car. He asks if that was me singing and I said yes.Then he said sing something else so I did. When I finished he asked me to follow him. Now, picture this. I’m alone in a parking garage and a strange man asks me to follow him.”
DB&B: “Are you kidding me?”
Lizzy:”No! how weird was that? I mean anything could of happened but for some reason something told me to go with him.”
DB&B: “Lizzy, horror movies start that way”
Lizzy: “Right?” Anyway, he takes me to his office and I sing for this small group of people one of which, eventually tells me this guy discovered Beyonce. I didn’t know what to say! I was completely speechless!”
Later, I found myself visiting Addiction Studios in Nashville where I was representing my non-profit for a small crowd of people with many Grammy awards.
To back up a little, I’ve done a lot of traveling out of the country over the years and when I was in Honduras,translating for a team of Rotarians and veterinarians I sang with some of the kids and was approached by the principal about helping to bring a music teacher to their valley. So when I had to leave I started thinking about how I could come up with a music program that would consist of high schoolers, college kids and working professionals that wanted to travel and teach music. One day I went into Sonica Recording here in Atlanta met with a good friend of mine John Briglevich, and I told him my plan. I said “John, I want to quit my job and start a non-profit.” So thanks to him, and another dear friend from AutoTrader,I was able to start the Music Empowerment Program.
DB&B: “That’s awesome Lizzy!”
Lizzy: “Right now in my musical career I’ve completed two videos and I’m in the process of completing an album. A friend of mine James Waddell is the owner of Lyricanvas. He’s producing a few tracks and will be remixing my existing ones.”
DB&B:  “Will they do that locally?”
Lizzy: “No, I have to go to Nashville for that. There is a big music industry here in Atlanta, but a lot of the work is done in Nashville.”
DB&B: “How would you classify your music?”
Lizzy:” It’s considered Pop Alternative”
DB&B: “Lizzy thanks for taking the time to let me interview you. I know you need to get back to the set but we’ll definitely have to catch up again sometime in the future so I can update our readers on your current projects like the human trafficking film you mentioned earlier. I’d also love to know when your album is finished.”
Lizzy: “Yes, I’ll be working with Richard Tavernaro in that film and production begins in July. Thanks so much John, and I look forward to talking with you again.”

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