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Syfy’s “Blood Drive” has the power

Syfy premiered their new grindhouse series and it was everything I hoped it would be. The premiere started off with a friendly little race through the desert, then things got bloody.
‘Blood Drive’ which stars Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, and Thomas Dominique is a series set in a near-dystopian future where cars run on blood,not fuel. Literally, the show focuses on a life or death race grindhouse style.
Now for a quick heads up. This show is definitely not for the faint of heart. Mature audiences only ladies and gentlemen. There’s plenty of blood and gore, sex, violence and rock& roll. Make no mistake, Blood Drive has teeth, which sink into you from the get-go.
As the story unfolds, Arthur, a cop who works for a corporation called Heart Enterprises, literally stumbles into the race and is forced to partner up with a bloodlust vixen named Grace. On a mission to save her sister and create a new life for themselves, Grace hopes to win the race and collect the 10 million dollar prize. And Arthur, just hopes to stay alive.

Blood Drive has a delightful cast of characters ranging from the maniacal to the classy, but its the main characters that grab and hold our attention.
Now let’s talk about the cars. They’re lean, mean, bloodthirsty machines. ‘Nuff said?
So there you have it. Check out Syfy’s new series Blood Drive and let us know what you think.
Final thoughts:
Buckle up grindhouse fans, Blood Drive has the blood, guts and drive to make this show a winner!

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