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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Supernatural “The Devil In The Details ” review

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Supernatural 210: The Devil in the Details




On this week’s episode of Supernatural: Lucifer offers Sam a costly way out of the cage; Dean and Castiel investigate the angel smiting that might have killed Amara.

Let start off with saying that I am super excited about being able to write reviews for this show. I havebeen a fangirl for a while and now getting to review it is a real honor.
The first half of the season left off with us not knowing the future for Sam and that Amara was being smited by God possibly? Archangels? Who knows at this point in the show. The show starts back insomewhat the same way. I love the road so far openings with this show. It helps to catch you up without having all the blah blah blah. This episode was such a good setup for the rest of the season. So many unanswered questions I am looking forward to getting the answers for. Sam and Lucifer are such an interesting combination. We know that Lucifer is a strong spirit and has away with swaying Sam. Sam has a weakness for his friends and family and that is exactly where he intends to hurt him in the future. It’s inevitable. I did not call that Castiel would give in and let Lucifer take him like that but we all know that Castiel knows more than everyone else. I believe that his choice was for the best. Nobody knows how strong Amara is except for Lucifer. I was not calling that Lucifer was going to kill Rowena but I knew he had to have some revenge somehow. Killing the one person that can put him back and we all know that Crowley will be upset and try to go after him. No matter howmuch that man thought he hated his mom he never hurt her.

I am not really sure where the future of this season will go. It could turn into Lucifer taking on Amara and finally destroying her and doing the right thing or it could turn into a hell vs. heaven blood bath on earth. Lucifer will try to take over Sam and Dean then team up with Amara and kill them all and rule over them. Dean could even possibly fall in love with Amara and she tries to control him. I guess only time will tell this season. I look forward to this season and I hope you continue reading.
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