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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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SDCC premieres season 8 ‘Walking Dead’ trailer

Every year at the SDCC,The Walking Dead is one of the most highly anticipated panels. And every year, AMC premiers the new season’s trailer.

Before you scroll down to the trailer, here are some tidbits for the upcoming season.

This should come as no surprise, but I’ve heard Greg Nicotero directed the season premiere and Scott Gimple was quoted as saying to critics of the show “By virtue of the fact that the narrative has turned into one of pretty intense conflict, it’s going to affect the structure in ways that make it a bit more kinetic, a bit more breakneck — shifting away from entire stories in one episode, and sort of fractured over several episodes, with little pieces of each story coming together.”






THR reports that Steven Ogg (Simon), Katelyn Nacon (Enid) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) have been promoted to series regulars and new characters are coming(of course) like Dillion,
who is described by TV Line as “a sexy, blue-collar twentysomething whose survival skills include sarcasm.” The other is Abbud, a Muslim American who’s spend a lot of time alone since the outbreak. TV Line says Abbud’s “nerves are jangled.”

Personally, I think the season premieres are always good, but any Walking Dead fan will tell you some of the mid-season and season finales of the past, have left a lot to be desired. Having said that, let’s hope season 8 is a non-stop, action packed season with plenty of twists and turns like we saw in the first 4 seasons.



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