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Sunday 22 April 2018
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New zombie Indie films coming your way!

Here at DB&B, we’re big fans of supporting Indie films. Now, while there are literally hundreds of horror genre movies searching for funding or currently in production, we do our best to let you know about them. We’re constantly smothered with new projects and today, I’ve compiled a small list of whats heading you’re way.

ZOMBIE CRUSH                                                                                         http://www.zombiecrushmovie.com/

This film will be making it’s debut in Atlanta at the Plaza theater March 1st. DB&B has been  following it since pre production all the way through post production and were thrilled it’s completed!  Coined by its creators as a teenage “ZOMEDY” it offers cool zombies, humor, a sense of dread(which every zombie film should have) and a little romance! It’s an all teenage film made by teens for teens, but adults will definitely enjoy it.(and yes, there are adult zombies) If you live in Atlanta, make plans to check it out. This is a PG  film parents, so no worries there!


From Dream Seeker productions http://www.dreamseekersprods.com I bring you they’re latest venture, Little Reaper. While this indie film is still in post production, here’s what the director had to say about the film.

“Our latest film, currently in post production, is called LITTLE REAPER. It’s a quirky horror/comedy about the grim reaper’s difficult teenage daughter.”

Yes, I know. This isn’t a zombie film. However, they definitely have my curiosity peaked ! I’m sure it’s difficult enough raising “normal” teenage kids let alone a reaper daughter! Wow! Last year we brought you another one of  Dream Seeker Productions movies,  The Beast. So far, Dream Seeker Productions has produced several movies which are available for you’re viewing pleasure. So, check back with us and we’ll bring you more updates on this little gem as we get them! Check them out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/DreamSeekersProductions





https://www.facebook.com/DeadCityMovieOne of my favorite authors Joe McKinney, is having one of his zombie novels Dead City, turned into a film. While this project is still in  the financing stages, I thought it was definitely worth bringing it to you’re attention. Last year at the Bram Stoker awards in Utah, Joe McKinney won in the best novel category for Flesh Eaters. This was the third book in his Dead World series. Since then, an independent film maker  has picked up the project and is shopping around for investors.  I definitely wish him all the best!







Ace The Zombie First of all, I loved this film’s story and the creativity which went into the production of this zombie comedy. To date, I’ve watched it several times and I promote it every chance I get. Right now the director is searching for funding to take the film to the next level…worldwide distribution!  It’s currently being shown in England and If you want to help them out, follow the Face Book link. https://www.facebook.com/AceTheZombie

Now, here’s a synopsis of the Ace The Zombie:
(Filmed in Atlanta, GA)

Back from the dead and hungry as hell!

Z Day is here and the undead have risen. A military experiment gone horribly wrong…a zombie apocalypse…then ZOM-CALM! A revolutionary drug from the World Health Organization makes the undead docile enough to join the American workforce. Allen Christopher Edwards, our unlikely hero, gets taken advantage of by everyone from his boss and co-workers to his girlfriend Brenda…until one fateful afternoon. When Ace is bitten and captured by the Zombie Control Force he learns of a secret plot by the evil Keeper Ellis to rid the world of all zombies. The lives(?) of all American undead, and the fate of entire world, depends on one man: Ace The Zombie.

“Ace the Zombie sets the standard for what a real zombie comedy is all about!” Dead, Buried, and Back!