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Thursday 3 December 2020
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Joshua Hoffine interview

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If you like Horror photography then you should be familiar with the name Joshua Hoffine. He’s an acclaimed photographer who has captivated a worldwide audience with his haunting, beautiful images of Horror. He first started creating his meticulously staged photographs in 2003 with his daughters and family members serving as models, and soon numerous websites featured his work, sparking both controversy and admiration. Over the past 13 years, his work has been published in over 150 countries and in a number of diverse publications, such as The Guardian, Rue Morgue Magazine, and the National Opera of Paris.

We caught up with Joshua for the following interview, but first we wanted to share some news about his first book which he’s funded through Kickstarter.

There are many success stories about crowdfunding campaigns and Joshua’s has turned out to be one of them. To date, his campaign has met and surpassed it’s original goal of $20,000 and is on it’s way to achieving the next goal. The campaign has forty-three days left so donations and support are still welcomed and appreciated. You can access the Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrismorey/joshua-hoffine-horror-photography-book

About his book: This book is a complete collection of Joshua’s Hoffine’s Horror photography which showcases 13 years of his work. It will be published by Dark Regions Press a specialty publisher of horror, fantasy and science fiction in business since 1985. http://www.darkregions.com/
The book will be an oversized 12″x12″ hardcover printed in full color with 150+ pages on premium photo paper with gloss finish. it will be offset printed with Smyth sewn case binding for maximum durability and available in case laminate trade hardcover and slipcased deluxe signed hardcover with dust jacket.
Here’s what’s on the inside. There will be five new photo shoots from the artist including: Vampire Baby, Parking Lot, Jekyll & Hyde, Open Window, and Crone. There are behind-the-scenes photos, sketches, production notes and writings from Joshua Hoffine on Horror, commentary about specific photographs, his inspirations and more.
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DB&B: Joshua you’ve mentioned that the inspiration behind your photography stems from our conscious and subconscious fears. Now that you’re an adult, have the images you’ve captured over the last thirteen years kept those fears in check, or do you think they keep the fears alive?

JH: At first I thought my personal fears were becoming tamed as a result of my photo project. Everything that used to frighten me became exciting potential subject matter for the next photo. But with time I’ve realized that my fears never really went away. I’m afraid that there is no great catharsis to be had.

DB&B: When it comes to using gore in your images, does the “less is more” rule apply ?

JH: Gore works best as an accent to a larger scene. Too much gore, used too often – and you risk becoming repugnant to the viewer – or worse, comical.

DB&B :In every photo your sets seem to be the key behind the scary but breathtaking images. On average from concept to completion, how long does it take to set up a shoot?

JH: Pre-production is my favorite part. It usually takes weeks to build and gather everything.

DB&B: For the photographers out there, do you use a specific camera and lens for shooting your work?

JH: Canon Mark III and a 24-70mm 2.8. I tend to shoot wide.

DB&B: Have you ever been dissatisfied with a particular shoot and decided to change it?

JH: Dissatisfied, yes – but I’ve never gone back and changed anything.

DB&B: Let’s talk about your Kickstarter campaign for your new book. First, congratulations on the success of the campaign and the fact that Dark Regions Press is publishing it. You must be really pleased that there are so many people who are backing your work. Are there any photos your especially proud of?

JH: Thank you! I’m excited about the new images the most. There are five new photo projects created special just for the book. I can’t wait for people to see the new work!

DB&B: Obviously you prefer to shoot in color, but have you ever thought about shooting black and white? Do you think that would change the dynamics of the image if you did?

JH: There are a few black and white images in the book. It’s something I may explore in the future.

DB&B: Will you be making any appearances at an upcoming horror convention or film festival to promote your book?

JH: Possibly!

DB&B: Are prints available if someone wanted to purchase them?

JH: Not at this time. Right now all of my focus is on the book.

DB&B: After your book is released what’s your next project? Another film perhaps?

JH: After the book, I plan on making a full-length Horror movie.

For additional information you can follow Joshua Hoffine here:
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