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Monday 24 September 2018
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indie film : Ace The Zombie

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Ace The Zombie http://www.acethezombie.com/ a few weeks ago at the Days Of The Dead con. So far, I’ve watched twice and each time I’ve found something new to like about it. To begin, it had a great story line. The idea of zombies being accepted back into society as a useful workforce was to say the least, a fantastic idea!  The  following premiss comes from imdb.

A military experiment gone horribly wrong…a zombie apocalypse…then ZOM-CALM! A revolutionary drug from the World Health Organization makes the undead docile enough to join the American workforce. Allen Christopher Edwards, our unlikely hero, gets taken advantage of by everyone from his boss and co-workers to his girlfriend Brenda…until one fateful afternoon. When Ace is bitten and subsequently captured by the Zombie Control Force he learns of a secret plot by the evil Keeper Ellis to rid the world of all zombies. The lives(?) of all American undead, and the fate of entire world, depends on one man: Ace The Zombie. Coming soon to a theater or drive-in near you! Written by The DeVille

Ace The Zombie combines several things I like in an indie zombie film. A lead character which is readily identifiable( in this case a guy named Ace played by Mark Drum who is constantly being belittled by everyone)  humor, zombie kids, good action, suspense and nice cinematography. Oh, and it was made here in Atlanta! Furthermore without releasing any spoilers, I found director Giles Shepherd’s twisted perspective on all those laptop addicted cafe patrons very amusing! (I believe he was right on the money.) Kudos to him!

Now on to the characters. Ace The Zombie had very good acting and great dialogue. I haven’t dived into the background of the actors/actresses to see what else they’ve done, but they were well suited for their roles. I had no problem identifying with any of the characters from the main ones to the supporting ones.

I’ve seen plenty of low budget zombie films but this was truly the first one I’ve seen of this caliber. It’s films like this that continue to fuel the public’s insatiable appetite for indie horror films. I feel for an indie film, it has possible network potential. I’m sure it has a bright future and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t win a couple of film festival awards. Hopefully it will do well enough to secure a sequel.

So if you haven’t guessed by now this is A MUST HAVE FILM for your zombie/ indie collection. This is not a film you’ll just watch once . I expect over the next several weeks as I tell my friends about it, I’ll be popping it back into the Blu-ray for a third time!

Now, here’s one of my favorite trailers. Enjoy!