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Thursday 26 November 2020
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Horror you’re missing on Netflix

There’s no doubt streaming services have become quite popular. With the ever increasing costs of cable, many are choosing to watch horror entertainment via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ect. But what if you aren’t streaming? Are you really missing out? In a word, yes.
A few months back I “cut the cord” so to speak, joining the other tens of millions of people who decided to sign up with one of the streaming services. Since I don’t own a smart TV my choice was Amazon’s Fire TV. Initially when I began browsing the content I was expecting more box office hits especially in the horror genre, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a balance of indie and theatrical releases.





Of course, my motivation to stream movies came from the need to see ‘Stranger Things’ and other original Netflix content.(I couldn’t resist)
Now, you don’t have to say ‘adios’ to your cable provider to begin streaming content. Many people own a smart TV which gives them access to these services. For others like myself, you may wish to buy a Roku stick, FireTv, Google Chromecast 2 or if you have a Playstation, use their VUE. (I’ve been told by many game players Playstation IS the definitive way to stream content due to its computer). But what about the different services you ask. Well, it may be worth your time to check out Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime,or Sling TV to name a few. I subscribe to Sling to get the local channels AMC, F/X and Syfy, and while they do need to improve their streaming performance to avoid the casual downloading interruptions, I’ve been told a good modem and router often solves this problem. But I digress…this is old news for those people who have been streaming for awhile.
Getting back to watching horror movies on Netflix, yes,you’ll find the ‘Conjuring’ Ghostbusters 1&2′, ‘The Babadook’, ‘Oculus’ in March along with some great indies like the Stephen King adaptations of ‘1922’,& ‘Gerald’s Game’, ‘Dig Two Graves’,and’The Desent’.





To summarize, if you choose to add a streaming service you’ll be glad you did. It will open a whole new world of horror entertainment PLUS new and original content only available through streaming.

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