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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Highlights from World Horror Con 2011

WHC 2011 is over. Sad but true. This was my first World Horror Convention, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well organized it was. From the time you received your “goody bag”  at registration, through the tables in the dealers room and on into the scheduled events, the ambiance was both very professional and inviting.

Having said that, before I continue, on behalf of  Dead,Buried,and Back!  I need to extend  a very special thanks to the individuals who made the convention a success.  Nate Southard, Joe McKinney, Nick Mamatas, Boyd Harris, Martel Sardina , Bev Vincent, Chad Savage and Rhodi Hawk. They are all wonderful people whom I had the great pleasure to meet, and look forward to seeing in the future. If your not familiar with their writing careers, I strongly encourage you to Google them and pick up some of their novels. In addition, check back with us as we bring some of their current projects to our site.

A further round of applause goes out to all the authors who took time from their busy schedules to attend. Grand Master Jack Ketchum was honored for his lifelong contributions to horror, and in person is one of the nicest and most humble people you’ll ever meet.   Again, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest writers of the horror& zombie genre. From  a novice writer’s viewpoint, I found them very approachable and their encouragement outstanding.

Moving on, I was very impressed with the hard work of the publishers and their tireless efforts to promote their clients. I had several  conversations with  some of them as they walked me through each and every client they represented highlighting their talents and giving me a brief synopsis of their work. I’d like to take a second to mention a few.

Print is Dead , Thunderstorm.com, Deadite Press, Dark Continents Publishing, and Bad Moon Books to mention a few.  By the way, the folks at Cutting Block Press really no how to throw a  Press party!  Thanks for the good times and great memories Cutting Block!

Now, last but definitely not least, Chad Savage put together an incredible display of artwork from renowned artists like Vincent Chong , GAK,  Dan Henk and many others which was a definitely something worth seeing. Chad has an eye for detail, and as an artist himself,  he presented the artists work with the utmost care and respect it deserved . Look for him at spookyart.com

Hopefully I’ve painted a good picture of how great the convention was. Actually I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. For those who are interested, in March of 2012, the WHC will be in Salt lake City Utah.

Dead,Buried,and Back will continue over the next few months to bring you some of the writers newest novels, the artists and maybe a few pics from the convention. So stay tuned…same time..same bat channel!