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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Grimm: “Cry Havoc” season finale review





By Krissy Notes





Recap: Nick and Hank “killed” Jack the Ripper. Trubel is back. Kelly is dead. The Royals have Diana. Juliette needs to die.

Now for the Finale…………..

Its too late to be remorseful now Juliette! How did you not think that they would kill Nick’s mother. Seriously. The King has finally arrived to pick up Diana. How is she so calm right now? I figured being away from Kelly, she would be panicking and killing people. And now for Trubel. What are you up to Trubel………?? Is she on the good guys side, or a different one? Who was she on the phone with? Awesome setup to get the Royals car information. Did the King just hit on Juliette? Future Queen Juliette……Nick and Kenneth showdown!!!!!! Go Nick!!! I am glad that Kenneth is dead and Nick was the one to do it.

I love Bud, he is awesome comedic relief. “What do you think they are going to name it?” Only Bud would like of that at a time like this.
Battle Royale Time. Time to take the fight directly to the Royals. The whole team fighting together in a final showdown. Go Wu! Screw this medieval crap, shotgun! I cant believe after all that, the King and Juliette are getting away. WTF
Down with the King.  And Miesner, perfect timing. He never gave up on her. 🙂 The Rebellion finally makes a comeback. And Kenneth is going to get blamed with the Jack the Ripper murders, so that lets Sean off the hook. Royals officially taken care of. But why wasnt Juliette on the helicopter?
Finally, the Juliette problem gets solved. Was not expecting Trubel to be the one to do it though. Glad to have Trubel back, even if she did bring vessen feds. Nick has now lost everything. Except for Adalind. Yet to be determined if that is a good or bad thing.
So next season………..Vessen Feds and whatever cases they have on the table. Plus still trying to get Diana home. Otherwise, every nicely summed up. RIP Juliette. The OLD Juliette.

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