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Sunday 8 December 2019
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Ghastly Awards submissions

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2014 Submissions are being accepted until Dec. 31.
Hello everyone! This will be our last reminder or 2014. We are emailing you today to just remind you that you can submit your Horror Comic work throughout the entire calendar year for Ghastly Award Consideration. We are closing in now on the end of 2014 and we don’t want you to miss out on being considered!So what can you submit? If you comic or web comic came out in 2014 it is eligible to be submitted. It’s that simple! We just have a few things that we want to make you aware of depending on what category your book falls into:• Ongoing titles: Please try to send us a full arc for consideration.• Limited Series: The series needs to have ended in 2014.• One Shot: It’s one and done, so send it in.• Anthology: If it has 3 stories or more it will be considered for Anthology.• OGN: If it has at least 52 pages and is self contained it will be considered.• Archival: Is it a collection of previously released material it will be considered.NEW! • Cover Art: Submit your Regular and Variant Covers.NEW! • Short Story in an Anthology: All stories in Anthologies will now be considered for a Ghastly Award.• Web Comic: Need to have at least 10 new posts in 2014.• All Creator Categories: All Creators on all books submitted will be considered.

Founded in 2011 by Decapitated Dan with the help of Steve Banes, Mike Howlett, Lonnie Nadler and Mykal Banta, the Ghastly Awards recognize outstanding achievements in Horror Comics over a range of 15 different categories. The nominees are chosen by other horror comic book professionals and winners are chosen by a panel of judges. Since the start of the awards, 4 more judges have been added into the group.Named for acclaimed comics creator “Ghastly” Graham Ingles, the awards are in their 2nd year. Created to honor excellence in Horror Comics, every comic creator had a say in who the nominees were by nominating their favorites, throughout the year. Starting in 2013 the Ghastly Awards switched over to a Submission based process. Comic Creators can submit their books for nomination consideration throughout the calendar year. The top five nominees in each category will be chosen by the Judges, and will then be voted on by the Judges, Creators and Fans to decide the winners. The Ghastly Award Judges work strictly on a volunteer basis. There is no paid staff and the awards are completely funded from the generous donations of its sponsors.


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