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Thursday 4 June 2020
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Popcorn…check.  Soda…check. I was ready!

Having grown up with the original Fright Night I eagerly anticipated the release of DreamWorks  re vamped  version of the old 8o’s classic.

Let’s start with our cast.

Anton Yelchin took on the role of Charlie Brewster. Rising from geek status to hero status Charlie was at the top of his game. It’s amazing what dating the most popular girl in school can do for you. While it might seem unrealistic, ok…I’ll buy it. People get second chances. Once Charlie realized he had a vampire living next door he took action to protect the ones he loved. I liked the new Charlie. He seemed more mature and confident.

Amy, played by Imogen Poots was Charlie’s girlfriend. She was cute and frisky, but more importantly, this go round she had more zeal. Once she came to terms with her situation she became the kind of girlfriend every guy wants. A beauty and a butt kicker.  (Remind you of Buffy?)

Jerry, played by Colin Farrell was a pleasant surprise as a vampire. He didn’t go overboard with charm or over play the denial role, instead he delivered a nice consistent threat of evil throughout the picture. He was subtle until it was time not to be .I also applaud the great CGI done on his transformations. Not too over the top but quite convincing.

Tonni Collette was Charlie’s mom.  Once you got passed the she’s kinda hot thing, I liked the relationship she had with her son. You could tell they had a mutual understanding and respect for each other. However, like most moms, there were limits to her patience until Jerry convinced her otherwise.

Charlie’s boy hood friend Ed, played by Christopher Mintz-passe was dissed by Charlie right from the start.  He was a living breathing reminder of Charlie’s past… which he wanted to forget. However, half way through the movie he popped back up as the delivery boy to terrorize Charlie and Amy then make a believer out of Vincent.

Speaking of Vincent , his character was also refreshing . The constant battle of wits between him and his girlfriend kept a smile on my face. He did a great job of adding a dash of humor when it was needed. Of course he didn’t believe Charlie’s wild story at first, but Vincent’s own history and collection of Vampire memorabilia turned out to be quite useful.

Fright Night turned out to be the kind of movie I was hoping for. A nice blend of wit, action and gore!

It even snuck in a surprise  I should have been expecting ….  But wasn’t.  Bravo  Craig Gillespie !

Fright Night was scary fun! Guaranteed to make any fan of the Horror genre sit up and take notice. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a ticket and see for yourself.