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Fear The Walking Dead season 3 premiere: review

The following review contains MAJOR spoilers.

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead season 3 premiere episode titled “Eye of the Beholder”aired this past Sunday with an unofficial viewership of several million viewers. While I will admit I haven’t kept up with the show, I figured I’d watch the premiere and see what the 2 hour premiere had to offer.

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The episode opened with Nick, Luciana and the group of survivors from the camp making their way to the border. There, they found themselves ambushed by the militia or at least what remains of a group of soldiers.
Captured and divided yet again, (a common theme in this series) Travis is thrown into a room with other hostages/civilians where,of course,he finds Nick.
Now that they are reunited, Travis and Nick soon discover that a few of the soldiers are murdering the civilians for “scientific purposes” so they can see how long it takes for the men to turn into zombies.
Dragged into a shower area, Nick,Travis,Luciana and a few others bear witness as a man is executed.
After a third man is killed and with the help of another, Travis starts a fight for a distraction and those who were held awaiting execution escape.
Now, there are two critiques I’d like to make here. The first, when you overpower a pair of soldiers, you should TAKE their weapons. Especially when your’re trying to escape a fortified military installation. But no…that wasn’t the case.
Moving on, while Travis and his group were escaping, Madison and Alicia get into a fight with Troy, the leader of the militia. During the fight, Madison sticks a spoon into Troy’s eye socket then somehow leads him into the middle of the compound surrounded by a dozen heavily armed soldiers, with none of them taking a shot at her from behind. Why you ask? Because Troy’s brother Jake mysteriously appears out of nowhere and tries to reason with Madison. (C’mon Fear writers… that’s a little too much BS.) And who was this mysterious brother who appeared out of nowhere you ask? Good question. I think instead of that “hero of the day” cliche which we’ve all seen to often, it would of been nice to have a little introduction to the brother prior to that scene.

Moving on, Nick has escaped in to sewer system with Luciana and right as he’s battling a zombie, Alicia discovers him while she trying to carjack a vehicle and drops a knife so he can kill the zombie. And of course shortly after, she’s captured.
Moving on,Travis is thrown into a pit of zombies and manages to fight off a dozen or so as the soldiers stand above watching.
Skipping ahead a little,Travis and his family are soon reunited thanks to Jake,but was everything fine after that you ask? Of course not.
In the biggest turning point of the show so far, and just as many fans were beginning to wonder if a major cast member would die, the weakest link in the chain, Travis, gets shot and falls out of a helicopter. That’s right Fear watchers..Travis is dead. After two seasons somebody figured it out. Travis had to go.

Opinion time. Until Travis’s death, Fear the Walking Dead had become too predicable which might explain why I don’t know many people who watch it on a regular basis. Writers of the show, please take note. Breaking the group apart every other episode, then mysteriously reuniting them an episode of two later,is boring.

So what will keep the show going in season 3? Well, we now have the doomsday preppers and their ranch/camp. That should be good for a few episodes, and someone or a group of somebody’s shot at the helicopter Travis was in, killing him. I’m sure we’ll hear from that group soon too.

In a nutshell though, here are my pros and cons from Fear the Walking Dead season 3 premiere. While this list by no means reflects anybody else’s opinion, these are some points that stand out to me about the show so far.

1. Luciana. She’s a strong character even though she has a bullet wound in her shoulder.
2. Travis is dead. This should unify the remaining cast.
3. Great effects. Greg Nicotero and his team still receive an A plus for their great F/X work.

1. Predictability. Fear The Walking Dead doesn’t have source material to draw from like a novel,comic ect. so it’s scenes seem like they’re taken from The Walking Dead or another action series.
2. In addition,the main characters escape peril way too easily and common sense measures seem to be lacking after fight sequences. And, since I opened that can of worms, doesn’t ANYBODY in this entire cast know how to throw a kick, knee, elbow or some other kind of martial arts combination? Not even the supporting characters seem to possess those skill sets.
3. The show is in need of some maladjusted kids like The Walking Dead had.

There you have it Fear watchers. While I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, I believe a few adjustments to this show can make it even better. If not, from some of the other major reviews I’ve read, Fear The Walking Dead will be dead by the end of season 4.

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