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Thursday 3 December 2020
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Exclusive interview Nick Antosca ‘No-End House’









Season 2 of Syfy’s creepypasta anthology helmed by Nick Antosca, NO-End House premiered Sept. 20th. Recently we had the opportunity to speak with him about the second season and during our initial introduction, we had a very pleasant surprise that neither of us were expecting.
NA: John Farris? Did you say your name is John Farris?
DB&B: Yes, that’s correct.
NA: Any relation to the John Farris that wrote the 1978 story and screenplay The Fury?
DB&B: Yes sir, that’s my father.
NA: That’s awesome! “we” meaning myself and Don Mancini, are huge ‘Fury’ fans and we actually wrote a pilot for a TV series based on that film.
DB&B: That’s cool. I had no idea. My dad and I wondered what happened to that project. Well, I guess I should go ahead and dive into my questions then, but let’s stay in touch so we can talk about the pilot another time.
NA: Absolutely!
DB&B: Based on the original Creepypasta story, what is the draw or lure to the No-End House?
NA: In the original story money was the motivator. This time we wanted to tell a slightly different story from the main character. We didn’t want our character being in tough financial straits and not the story we wanted to tell. In the show they’re going for a good time…they’re going for entertainment and fun. They’re thinking they’ll get a jolt of adrenalin and then have fun and leave.Then, like getting off a roller coaster, they will return to their normal lives but the scariest things are the thoughts deep inside your head and what they don’t now is that each room takes them further and further into their own minds. What the house finds there it uses against you.
DB&B: Is the No End-House selective of who it will let out?
NA: Yes,the house will select who stays and leaves. It’s a subtle point and part of the mythology of the house. Now, if you book it out of the house after the first room, you go back to the real world but most of the people want to continue to prove they can make it to the end.
DB&B: Thanks for speaking with us today Nick,and I look forward to the show and speaking with you again.
NA: You’re welcome and let’s talk soon.

SYFY’s Channel Zero is on Wednesdays at 10pm.

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