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Like many people this weekend, I remembered the fateful day of 9/11 and those who gave their lives for others.

So it was a sort of interesting that  this was the day I chose to go see Contagion.

To begin,  If your going to touch peoples inner most fears..make a movie about  a  very plausible virus spread by animals and humans alike. That always does the trick.  Toss in a dash of “there’s no cure” and you have it!

I liked the way Contagion balanced the gloom and doom of a virus wiping out mankind with  Mitch’s (Matt Damon) ability to keep his daughter safe, especially after the death of his wife Beth, (Gwyneth Paltrow) and son Clark,  played by Griffin Kane.

The suspense built throughout the film with Steven Soderbergh doing nice flash backs to Paltrow’s character as the virus was spreading. It was even good to see some of the CDC personnel kick the bucket. After all you can’t be running around searching for clues to the puzzle and expect to stay immune in an epidemic.

Then we had the worst of the worst in the film. Those that sought to make money from such a catastrophe.             ( Nice  touch.)

I guess if I had to gripe about anything, and I know it seems petty, it would be  that not a single gunshot was fired by the police or military even during the riots. Come on guys…not even a warning shot?

Contagion had good suspense and action. It didn’t go overboard in any areas.

If you see the movie you’ll  probably walk away with two thoughts. First, you don’t have enough anti-viral cleaning products, and second, how fragile our society really is. The movie definitely hits home!

My recommendation?  See it! We don’t live in a world of fuzzy bunnies and duckies folks…this film helps us to remember what is most important.,.the time we share with family and friends!