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Atlanta Vampire Movie: Exclusive interview

AVM 3 picture key artInstallment #2 of Dead, Buried, and Back! Atlanta Horror Interview series involving people in the horror entertainment genre. This week’s interview is with local indie producer and director Giles Shepherd, also known as The DeVille, of the award winning film “Ace the Zombie” and his current film “Atlanta Vampire Movie”. Giles is also the world’s premiere movie-music-mashup artist and webmaster of www.syncMovies.com.



DB&B: What about the horror genre interests you most?
Giles: Horror is like a thrill ride where you get all the adrenalin but arrive back safely. It’s also a natural with comedy.
DB&B: Who or what films have most influenced your directing style, and in what way?
Giles: A few of my influences include Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, George Romero, Quinton Tarentino, Mel Brooks. Meaning that I have shamelessly cribbed from all of these directors. And many others.
DB&B: How would you best describe your current project the Atlanta Vampire Movie (AVM)?
Giles: Atlanta Vampire Movie examines the problems of being a modern day vampire, from allergy to the sun to vampire hunters wanting to drive a stake through your heart.
DB&B: What’s the latest news concerning the production of AVM?
Giles: We only have three more shooting days until we’ll have AVM in the can. Since we’ve been shooting only on the weekends, I’ve also had a chance to do a good bit of editing and it’s coming together really well.
DB&B: Many people do not understand the time necessary to make a feature film. Can you provide a timeline of the process of AVM from concept to projected completion?
Giles: January 2014 project conception. AVM shooting script by Wiley McCain completed April 27, 2014. After casting and preproduction, principal photography began on July 18, 2014 and will be completed in January 2015. Post production which involves editing, visual effects, color correction, sound design, composing the score and recording the orchestra is projected to take an additional 9 months, with a premiere on Halloween 2015.
DB&B: How many cast members, crew members, extras, and locations are in AVM?
AVM giles and vampires
Giles: We have 5 main cast, 4 supporting characters, 56 extras, 21 crew, and 23 locations.
DB&B: Do you ever come up with shot so wild that you surprise yourself…that leaves you wondering where did that come from?
Giles: All the time. I no longer question where they come from, but they always make me smile. Like looking in the mirror and not seeing vampire reflections.
DB&B: What one stereotype about horror directors is absolutely wrong?
Giles: One stereotype about horror directors that is absolutely wrong is that they choose horror because it is easy.
DB&B: What would you like to add?
Giles: Bruce I’d like to thank you, Dead, Buried and Back! and the fantastic cast and crew of Atlanta Vampire Movie for believing in the dream.
DB&B: How can our readers get in touch with you to follow the progress of AVM?
Giles: www.Facebook.com/AtlantaVampireMovie
PHOTOS: by Corinne Barrios.https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzhHSJzYuPp2SmgteUdiT0hoQ2s
Giles we really enjoyed this opportunity to interview you today and look forward to seeing Atlanta Vampire Movie on the big screen.
Dead, Buried, and Back! is seeking people in horror entertainment industry, especially in the Atlanta market, to interview for this series. If you have a contact or involved in the horror genre and would like to be interviewed please send your contact information to, Bruce Downs at brucedowns@gmail.com

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