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Saturday 21 April 2018
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American Horror Story: Roanoake review

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*SPOILER ALERT* The following review contains spoilers.

On this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke; This was an extremely information heavy
episode that made my head spin but it also gave me a lot of insight into the background of this season
and we are also able to shed some light on what exactly this season is all about.
Wow this week! American Horror Story is such a great series that I think critics don’t give it near enough
credit. It is an excellent series and this episode definitely did the show justice. We were finally given a lot
of information about the butcher and why she is who she is today and we know that actually she really
isn’t that bad. She was being controlled by Gaga’s character for the most part and persuaded into killing
all of her colony. This episode also gave us a lot of information about what Gaga is and why she is so
powerful and evil. We even got some visits from some unsuspecting characters that we have seen in past
seasons. I noticed in the episode that they killed off all the people that have given us information about
the house and the settlers. This leads me to believe that the future of this show is about to get even
more crazy than it already is.
I am sad that they killed cricket and our other friends from AHS. I was hoping they would stick around a
little longer but we all know that this show is known for the shock value. I am happy that they did rescue
Flora and she is safe at home again. I have heard theories from friends that each episode so far has
referenced a previous episode in the series. I happen to agree with this. This last episode they talked
about the Mott family name and how they built the house first on the land. This makes me so excited for
the future of the show! I want the whole crew to join and I’m anxiously awaiting what will happen next.
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