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Thursday 21 June 2018
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AHS Roanoke: Chapter 9 review

AHS roanoak

synopsis: A trio of fans of the series make a pilgrimage to the Shaker House… during the Blood Moon. Meanwhile, Audrey and Lee try to find Monet and the camera, and Dylan’s rescue proves short-lived.


On this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke; Todd, Milo, and a familiar face to “American Horror Story” fans, Taissa Farmiga as Sophie. But, alas: Like so many others, Sophie will go on to die on the cursed lands. This episode to me was mediocre at best and I am afraid that they steam that had this season running strong is starting to burn out. I felt this episode was filled with more head bashing and really a lot of running around in the woods.
This season of horror story I really hoped it would continue to be how the first part was, really on the edge of your seat and getting scared by the ghosts that inhabited the house. Now it’s just a lot of camera crying and torture. I know that in this season that nobody is really safe but just mindless killing people is starting to get really old this season. I want more of the background of the characters and the ghosts, that’s what made me come to love this show. The weekly character development was what really hooked me, especially in Hotel. We barely know the background of some of the characters and torturing and killing them really doesn’t mean anything to me. Just another life lost that I haven’t devoted any time to.
I understand why they introduced Sophie and her team but I feel that it was really rushed and didn’t make sense to the story line. Yes, I understand that the police somehow needed to find out about what was going on at the house but I think that whole character development was a waste and I didn’t really care when they got killed. Lee is probably one of the strongest characters on this show. Her performance this season has been outstanding and I can’t wait to see what happens to her next. Especially when they found out how many people she actually killed. I also hope that she does survive but is haunted by the spirits of the house. The season finale is next week! Until next time…
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