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Sunday 22 April 2018
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AHS: Roanoke review

American-Horror-Story-Season-6- roanoak


The following review contains spoilers.





On this episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke; The Millers try to escape the house and a previous owner
helps them. Meanwhile, Lee comes looking for her daughter, and the Polks look for a meal. Can I just start by
saying OMG thank God Evan Peters is back and his new character is as attractive as ever! They have been teasing
him for way too long now and I am so excited that he is finally back and his character is just fitting.
The beginning of this episode was a really good turn for this show. I really enjoyed the historian and all the
information she gave us about the property. We finally can understand why the Mott family was as crazy as they
were. The Whole blood line was fueled by anxiety, craziness and a massive sex drive for all things. The Mott story was really a nice touch and this makes me think of the murder house. Also the Asian ghost scared the everloving crap out of me. I can now know that the house was a lot more haunted than we thought. Especially with all of those bodies that were left in the cellar I can only imagine the vengeance they all have.

Back to the fact that we have this family currently living there and is about to be killed. The Millers are really in for it and I worry that they may not all make it out alive (but we all know they do, they have to make the video to retell it). I do like that the Mott character did help to get them out all alive from the mob but not away from the craziness that would ensue in the woods. We later find out that the Polks are really cannibals and are helping the butcher to keep the woods clear of intruders by giving them a yearly sacrifice. They are safe because they work for the butcher but at the same time they are also controlled by her. It seems every character in this story is ran by her except for the Mott character. I am sad that Elias got killed but the special effects on that shot were glorious. Also the special effects on the ankle break (a little touch of Misery) was also a killer special effect move.

As the family is held in front of the and she speaks on a more human level about how losing a child is one of the
worst things that could happen to you. We realize that somewhere deep down the butcher has some sort of
humanity left. As lee runs up in her white horse to save the day we have her son help to take down the butcher and
Lee saves the day! Also the Mott character steps in to help release them and help them to make their escape.
I am very excited to see how the rest of this season is going to play out because we are only on episode 5 and we
have a long way to go and the story is over. I am so ready for the twists and turns of the rest of the season. I know taking the camera and looking at it from the other point of view is going to be awesome!
Until next week…
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