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Saturday 21 April 2018
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AHS Roanoak review

AHS roanoak


On this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke; We are still in the suspense of what is really going to happen next and the bashing of the heads is still going strong! We also realize that in this season there is no more holding back. It is a free for all when it comes to who is going to die next. And the deaths are more and more brutal. Going into Wednesday’s episode; Matt, Agnes, Rory, Sidney and then some were dead; Audrey, Lee and Monet had been invited to be supper by the Polk’s; and Shelby and Dominic were caught between a shock (the real Butcher’s appearance on the front lawn) and a hard place (that damn haunted house).

This season has really turned into the goriest season to date. We have massive overkills every episode and I mean it gets to the point where you are just waiting on the edge of your seat for the next one. Our two ladies that are captured by the Polks is such an interesting part of this episode that it’s hard to not talk about them. We finally get to hear the truth from Lee about what exactly happened to her husband and it was just what we suspected. She did it. I knew all along she would stop at nothing to keep herself with her child. A mothers love is very strong and lets all admit. Lee is so strong! She survived the first round of the Polk’s skinning’s.

I really am impressed by the ghosts in this story. They really have captured their true nature this year and I am absolutely terrified by the pig man who we now know is a Polk and the Asian family which I am truly terrified of. just wonder if the pig man spotted at the front door knows anything that is going on about the killings the night before.
I feel really bad about Shelby killing herself. But I understand. You kill the only person you have ever loved and the grief is just too much. I never in a million years would have gone back to that house. Eventually everyone will die in this show except for the mysterious one. I look forward to the future and the fact that more outsiders will get involved. Maybe the real nightmare will come to light and they will burn that house down to the ground forever! Until next time…
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