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Sunday 8 December 2019
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‘Model Hunger’ coming to DVD July 12th

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Debbie Rochon’s career has spanned decades as a legendary Scream Queen. She’s starred in dozens of horror films as an actress, but with Model Hunger, she finally gets behind the camera in her directorial debut. Last year Model Hunger was well received at several film festivals including Crypticon, FANtastic Horror Film Festival, and the Macabre Faire Film Festival. It won several awards including Best Feature film (fantastic FF) and Best Actress Lynn Lowry and the Audience Choice Award (Macabre FF).
But those are just the festivals. The reviews surrounding the film are equally impressive.

Model Hunger which was written by James Morgart, stars Brian Fortune (Colin) Lynn Lowery (Ginny),Tiffany Shepis (Debbie) and Carmine Capobianco(Sal).
The story focuses on a former model who over the years, has become a broken, hateful woman. When her new neighbors move in, she becomes obsessed with their cannibalistic activities.
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Model Hunger is being released by Wild Eye Releasing on DVD http://www.wildeyereleasing.com/ this July 12th.
Stay hungry my friends, and enjoy watching Model Hunger.

Former pin-up model and actress Ginny (Lynn Lowry) had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry when she was a young woman due to her body type. Ginny didn’t take rejection well and over the years developed into a revenge seeking, blood thirsty, broken woman. When her new neighbors Debbie (Tiffany Shepis) and Sal (Carmine Capobianco) move in, Debbie begins to notice strange things going on next door. Sal credits it to Debbies psychological instability and believes she is seeing things, falling deeper into her psychosis. Debbie is obsessively determined to figure out what secret life Ginny is leading. Her new nosey neighbor throws a damper on Ginnys lifestyle activities; such as her cannibalistic food addictions and ever growing body count. Both women become determined to put an end to the others obsession.

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