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Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Lou Simon’s ‘3: An Eye For An Eye’ review















Lou Simon has written,directed and produced some great horror films which have gained her national and international attention as a filmmaker. Her productions include ‘Hazmat’ (2013) ‘Agoraphobia’ (2015) ‘All Girls Weekend'(2016) and the more recent ‘3’ which was re-titled to ‘3:An Eye For An Eye'(2018). For the purpose of this review, I’ll refer to the original title.
Recently in Atlanta, 3 had a screening at the Plaza Theater and it was well received.

Written and directed by Lou Simon,the film stars Katie Carpenter, Todd Bruno, Mike Stanley and
involves a man and woman who plot, then kidnap a man in an attempt to force him to admit on camera,that he raped the woman. While this may seem like another revenge movie loaded with graphic visuals and blood-curdling screams for the intent of creating shock value, it’s not. 3 placed it’s emphasis on psychological terror. Yes, there are brief violent/graphic scenes, but they’re used to serve a means to an end, and the plot clearly focuses on the characters own emotional conflicts as they attempt to withdraw a confession from the rapist.

3 searches the dark recesses of our own subconscious and withdraws the horrors from within. And while it may strike a nerve with those uncomfortable with the topic of rape, on many levels,the film is more intricate. The story moves along at a good pace as the chain of events from the rape unfold. But we soon learn that it’s not the woman who is seeking justice from her rapist…or is it?

3 was a pleasure to watch. It delivered a great story, great performances, and superb visual effects. There’s a perfect balance of suspense and terror and a nice twist in the end. With 3, It’s clear that Lou Simon’s talents as both a writer and director continue to evolve as she delivers superb horror films like 3.

If you’d like to order a copy of 3, Uncork’d Entertainment has just released the film as ‘3:An Eye For An Eye







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