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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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‘Lights out” review

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**SPOILER ALERT** The following review contains spoilers.

Light’s Out a David F. Sandberg film, made it’s debut in theaters worldwide this weekend. Even before it’s release, those of us in the media who were able to attend an early screening walked away with mixed feelings. Here’s some pro’s and con’s to consider before seeing this film.
The feature was adapted from a short film and that’s always a challenge when it comes to building a good story.

The concept behind a demon only appearing when the light’s are out is a great idea and an awesome marketing tool.

The actors on screen chemistry seemed to work well.

The story itself was solid. We’re starting to see real issues like mental illness/depression,body shaming, exploitation ect. making it into mainstream horror features and I hope this trend continues. It brings to light the seriousness of the issues, but it makes for a solid foundation behind character development. In Light’s Out for example, it makes it easier to support Sophie.


This is a movie for teens. If your 13 to 18, you’ll love it. If you’re older than 21, and your a horror movie buff, you might find it a little too predictable.

I walked away from the film thinking that it was missing something. I believe if it included a few more scenes of the Diana as a little girl, it would have balanced things out. Also at times, it felt a little rushed.

Anyway, Light’s Out has plenty of jump scares and that’s about it. No gore, but good suspense.

Light’s Out draws similarities to ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Babadook’ but it does stay focused on the issue of depression.
The story revolves around a Sophie(Maria Bello) a woman suffering from depression who allows her deceased childhood friend Diana, to continue to torment her. When Diana makes her presence known to Sophie’s daughter Rebecca (Teresa Palmer),she must return home to save her family. Along with Rebecca’s boyfriend Bret, (Alexander Di Persia) they quickly uncover the truth behind the demon haunting the family.

For his first feature Sandberg did the best he could using the demon visual effects. Also having the legendary horror director James Wan close by for advice and or guidance never hurts either.
Overall, Light’s Out is a simple horror film. You have a dark entity tormenting a family which is eventually destroyed by it’s enabler. Will you enjoy Light’s Out? Probably. There’s something for every horror fan in this film. Will you want to see it twice? Three times? Doubtful, at least not until it comes out on VOD or DVD.

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