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Annabelle: Creation review

**SPOILER ALERT** The following review contains major spoilers

In the Conjuring movie universe it can be said that collectively the films have certainly made enough money to put a small dent in our national debt. But does the forty million plus that the film has grossed this far mean it’s good? That depends on who you ask. Annabelle Creation was directed by David Sandberg (Light’s Out) and most people like his work. It was recently revealed in Annabelle:Creation that Sandberg was not happy with one of the scenes. He was quoted as saying “Yeah, I never quite got that one right and I think of ‘I’ll swallow your soul’ every time I see it. If I could redo it I’d make the makeup creepier and have her not say anything. Or at least whisper the line instead of full on demon voice. We tried so many variations of that voice during post. ‘Maybe if we make the voice really overwhelming, that might take away from the cheese?’ Nope.





Having said that,let’s jump into Annabelle: Creation which at the time of this writing,seems to be a huge hit with movie goers.
On the opening night of Annabelle:Creation I went to the theater with some anticipation and a little skepticism. Playing the devil’s advocate, and from the looks of the trailers, I had a 50/50 shot of enjoying it.
The film opened with the tragic death of Bee Mullins played by Samara Lee. Twelve years later her father Samuel Mullins played by Anthony LaPaglia, a very devout christian, opens his home to a group of orphaned girls. Soon after a series of creepy events begin to unfold. Talitha Bateman who played Janice,quickly becomes Annabelle’s target. Discovering Annabelle in a hidden closet with the inside of a door covered with bible pages, it doesn’t take long before Annabelle makes her evil presence known.
While multiple scenes were quite predictable,including the appearance of “Bee”,Janice doesn’t seem scared when she confronts her. That introduction immediately turns to shear terror when Bee changes into a demonic figure and tells Janice she “Wants her soul!”.
The next twenty minutes of the film are then devoted to Annabelle possessing Janice.
My only gripe here is the method of possession. Taking a scene from the Conjuring and a few other horror flicks, Annabelle vomits her evil into Janice’s mouth. While this image is disturbing, it’s become a cliche which I wish had been changed.

Once possessed, it seems that while the other girls are becoming aware of an evil presence in the home only Janice’s best friend Linda played by Lulu Wilson,see the changes and attempts to help Janice. Taking Annabelle while Janice sleeps she throws the doll in a well and well,that resulted in Annabelle becoming pissed off. Thankfully Sister Charlotte bears witness to the event and comes to the rescue.
Enter the timeless and classic battle between good and evil (God and the Devil) but in this battle the results are not predictable.
By the end of the film, Linda is heartbroken and Janice’s whereabouts remain a mystery until the final ten minutes of the film.
Unfortunately the ending was somewhat predictable, but one of the Easter Eggs(there are two in this film) is the Raggedy Ann doll which is given to Janice by her new parents. Some people who’ve seen the Annabelle films may be surprised to know that the original possessed doll which was put in a shrine by Ed and Lorraine Warren, was a Raggedy Ann doll.
To see or not to see Annabelle Creation… that is the ultimate question.
If you’re looking for a super scary, edge of your seat horror film, pass this one up.
Annabelle Creation is a creepy origin film, plain and simple. It has it’s moments with a few jump scares, and overall it’s well written. As far as entertainment value goes,yes,it’s worth seeing.
We’re giving Annabelle:Creation 3 out of 5 stars.

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