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Z.14.12 exclusive interview: Chelsea Howard






We continue our exclusive interviews with the cast of Z.14.12 today, with actress Chelsea Howard.





DB&B: Chelsea, tell us a little about your acting background. How many indie films have you starred in? Any commercials?

Chelsea: I have done a few indie films in Atlanta. I love the environment. I did a commercial for a gym, which is funny because that’s definitely not what I’m used to doing.
DB&B:How’d you first hear about Z.14.12? and what attracted you to the story?
Chelsea:Z.14.12 has a unique take on the zombie apocalypse that we are used to seeing.
DB&B: Chelsea, tell us a little about the kinds of films and programs you normally watch. Is this a film you’d see even if you weren’t in it?
Chelsea:I love watching comedies and dramas mostly. Actually, really anything. I just love good stories. I think Z.14.12 has an attention-grasping title, so I would be intrigued by that for sure even if I weren’t in it
DB&B: Without releasing any spoilers Chelsea, what would you say was the toughest part about playing your character Jess?
Chelsea: Jess is ambushed emotionally. It’s tough for any human to have that many thought processes going on at once.
DB&B:Plug time. So what’s the next project on your radar?
Chelsea:I have actually switched coasts recently. I am trying my hand on the acting and modeling side in the Golden State for a while to see how I like it!

DB&B : Good luck Chelsea and many thanks.

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