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‘The Takeover’ exclusive interview


Dead, Buried, and Back! Atlanta Horror Interview series focus’s this week on Trenton Harris. Trenton is producing and directing the indie film The Takeover. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3370138/
The film also stars Jordon Demers, Lizzy Vincent, Jeremy Carr, Lucas Hicks,and Lucas Scott.



The film takes place in a world where humans are the struggling race to vampires.The military in efforts to prevent further human lose has struck a deal with the vampire community in which they will supply blood in exchange that the vampires will no longer feed and destroy the human race.  The plan seems to be working until Maya, a young vampire of royal standing fights to protect her coven when everything unravels with the discovery of a strange young man, Ellis.

DB&B:   Please introduce yourself and share with us a little about your involvement with The Takeover.
TRENT:   My name is Trent Harris and  I’m the writer/director of The Takeover.
DB&B:   As we all know… all successful films start with a great story and script. It’s said that there are only a half-dozen to a dozen vampire stories in Hollywood. It’s all been seen and done before.  Tell us what’s fresh about The Takeover?
TRENT:   Most stories in Hollywood have been about vampires ,humans and sometimes werewolves all in one or in some form. The fresh thing about this film is I’m doing a different take on vampires and  I’m adding some zombies to the mix. These won’t be your ordinary zombies that you see on television . It’s a mixture between World War Z AND Warm Bodies. These zombies can actually fight, but are still brain dead to some degree. You’re just going to have to watch to see what happens because I don’t want to spoil it for you all.
DB&B: What vampire films have most influenced you with the pre-production of the film?
TRENT:    The two biggest vampire movies that have influenced The Takeover are Blade and Underworld. We also have some influence from The hit television show The Originals as well.
DB&B:    With principal photography slated to start in mid-April, please share with us the latest news concerning the pre-production of the film.
TRENT:    Well our biggest concerns are locking down the locations and raising the amount of money  in our indiegogo campaign to help finance the movie.
DB&B:  What about the horror genre interests you most?
TRENT:    What interest me the most about this Genre is the blood, guts and just dealing with the supernatural beings.  When dealing with the supernatural you have to make sure things are done right.
DB&B:  Many people do not understand the time necessary to make a feature film. Can you provide a timeline of the process of The Takeover from concept to projected completion.
TRENT:    It takes a lot of time and commitment to get the project done. The biggest thing is  need a great team around you. I want to thank my team for all of their hard work.  From the end of January until the beginning of April that is our Pre-production time. We make sure the script was done, casting, table reads, script breakdown, location scouting, the production design, lighting design, stunt training and hiring crew is all set during this time. From April-June that will be our Production schedule.  From June-October will be our post production schedule.
DB&B: How can our readers get in touch with you to follow The Takeover?

TRENT:   You guys can go on Facebook page here and like the page and then you can follow
all of the progress.


DB&B:  What made you cast Jordan Demers as Maya?
TRENT:  I picked Jordan to play Maya because she was the perfect fit. I wanted someone who could show the range from being a child to having to grow up in a hurry  because of the circumstances that happen in the movie . She also audition very well  and her desire to want to play this  character caught my eye.
DB&B:   How can the viewers see your Indiegogo campaign?
TRENT:   I plan on entering it into film festivals in Atlanta, New Orleans and etc.
DB&B:    Will you be looking for  extras in your film?
TRENT:  We will need lots of extras for this film.  Stay tuned on our Facebook  page to see where to submit to be an extra. I know some of you want to play vampires and zombies, so come on and have some fun.

About the interviewer Bruce Downs.
Bruce Downs is a writer, director, producer, actor, and owner of the production company Mile 29 Films.
His most recent film, “No More Forgiveness” (websiteFacebookimdb), had great success on the festival
His current feature film “Atlanta Vampire Movie” (websiteimdb) is in post-production and he is in early development for his next feature film Carter’s Lens.
Follow Bruce on Facebook and imdb.


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