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Walking Dead: Behind the scenes cast vid

TWD season 5 rick and daryl promo pic

While Walking Dead fans worldwide enjoy the holidays, the anticipation grows for the return of the show in January. Here’s a behind the scenes cast vid with a glimpse of things to come.
Scott Gimple promises “a huge change in the situation for the characters,” which suggests at least a change of location. Norman Reedus also pointed out that the characters will be walking toward something, instead of away. Does that mean they will finally be heading toward D.C.?
However, it is worth pointing out that Tyler James Williams said that he’s looking forward to the second of the season because of “the simple reason that they have nowhere to go,” so maybe they are wandering around again?
Lauren Cohan also teased that things are going to get really dark for Maggie, as she struggles with the death of her sister, Beth. However, with over 35k signatures, Beth could come back in Season 6.( That will be a neat trick!)

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