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Monday 22 October 2018
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RIP Debbie Lee Carrington

Debbie Lee Carrington (December 14, 1959 – March 23, 2018) had an extensive movie career as an actress and stuntwoman. She was known for her work in movies like Star Wars:The Last Jedi, Total Recall and many others. But to horror fans, she will always be remembered from the ‘Chucky’ franchise. Her close friend Mike Quinn confirmed the news of her passing on March 23rd.

Per Movie Web, Debbie Lee Carrington’s most famous roles were working on Child’s Play sequel The Bride of Chucky as Jennifer Tilly’s stuntwoman and again in Curse of Chucky as the main man himself, performing all of the stunts. Carrington was able to travel to conventions off of the strength of her performances in Return of the Jedi, Total Recall, and her work with the Child’s Play franchise, along with her incredible resume over the last nearly 40 years.

On Twitter Mike Quinn released this statement:
“So sad to hear of the passing of a fellow Return Of The Jedi performer Debbie Lee Carrington. She was an advocate for actors with disabilities and had a degree in child psychology. She had done so much, not only as an Ewok but was inside the costume for Howard The Duck, appeared in Total Recall, Grace & Frankie, Dexter, Captain Eo, the list goes on…Way too young. She was a real powerhouse! My condolences to all her family and friends at this time.”

Jennifer Tilly Tweeted “The other Tiffany”. You were such a joy to work with. You had inimitable spirit, and a great attitude. Whenever you were on the set you kept everybody laughing and happy.”

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