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Thursday 26 November 2020
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Charlaine Harris’s Midnight, Texas picked up by NBC









Last year at the 25th anniversary of the World Horror Convention here in Atlanta, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Harris. http://charlaineharris.com/
For those of you not familiar with her work, Charlaine had her series of Sookie Stackhouse novels turned into HBO’s hit show True Blood, which ran for seven seasons from 2008-2014. Below, we’ve included an exclusive interview from the WHC,courtesy of Fans: The New Hollywood Moguls.

Recently EW reported that NBC is developing a drama for fall 2016 that will be based on Harris’ best-selling series Midnight, Texas, which focuses on a fictitious and very creepy town in the Lone Star state.
“It’s where humans and the supernatural co-exist, and where everyone has a secret,” says executive producer David Janollari (Six Feet Under), who is adapting the books with Monica Breen (Lost) for fall 2016. “It’s equal parts humorous, sexy, and downright scary.”
The first book in the series, Midnight Crossroad, was published last year, while a follow-up, Day Shift, was released in May. The third,Night Shift, is to set debut next spring. If picked up to series, the drama will be called Midnight, Texas.
“All the books have great murders at the center,” Janollari says. “There are these great secrets and great romantic entanglements happening with this big mystery backdrop, though it’s the supernatural that will scare the hell out of you.”
True Blood launched in 2008 with a marquee star in Oscar winner Anna Paquin, but Janollari doesn’t think Midnight will be a challenge to cast. “It’s not dependent on above-the-title names to be successful,” he says. “In Charlaine’s books, its first and foremost all about the characters.”
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