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Wednesday 7 December 2016
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Category: Favorite Writers

Tom Piccirilli

RIP Tom Piccirilli

  Horror fiction is a staple in the genre. It’s inspired and helped create some of the best movies and TV programs. The authors...


Seanan McGuire interview

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Seanan McGuire at Jordan Con, here in Atlanta. First off, she’s a very...


Michael McCarty

One of our goals at  Dead, Buried, and Back!  is to highlight various authors of the horror genre and promote their outstanding work and...


Interview with Nate Southard and his newest release Lights Out!

    To begin, let me share my experience in meeting this AWESOME writer. I first met him at the 2011 WHC convention in Austin, Texas. ...


John S. Gorumba World in Red

    I met John Gorumba at the WHC-2011 in Austin Tx. His first novel, World in Red was being promoted by Creeping Hemlock Press’s...

Pelegrimas jacket 3

WHC 2011 Marcus Pelegrimas

If you like real Werewolf and Vampire stories not the Tween stuff…you need to read Macus Pelegrimas’ novels! I met Mr....


Nate Southard

Ok, I need to be perfectly honest about something. The first time I heard the name Nate Southard, all I knew was that he was a horror...

brian keene

Brian Keene

In my last profile with Mary San Giovanni, I had mentioned this man, Brian Keene. Mr. Keene is a household name when it comes to horror and...

mary san giovanni

Mary San Giovanni

I started following  Brian Keene on Twitter about a year ago when I discovered this young lady Mary San Giovanni. I wasn’t familiar...


Bev Vincent

The now concluded WHC 2011  hosted some of the most acclaimed novelists of the horror genre. Over the next several weeks I’d like to...