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H1Z1 zombie game coming this year

PS4 gamers may not be able to get their Black Ops 3 zombies fix this year, but we can tell you that this fix can be obtained in other ways. H1Z1 is a zombie MMORPG that is on the way in 2014 and it is looking like a game that could turn out to be a massive success for Sony. H1Z1 is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment, but will be released first on PC and then PS4 afterwards towards the end of the year. Being an MMORPG is cause for great excitement on PS4, but it gets better when we tell you what this entails.
The H1Z1 game download is also going to be free to play, but supported by micro-transactions. Before you get worried, Sony has already promised that the game won’t adopt a ‘pay to win’ like many others (Playdom’s Avengers Alliance for example) and it won’t require a subscription either.
While the wait for the game is going to be painful, especially for zombie fanatics, we’re guessing that Sony Online Entertainment will be making the wait a less agonizing one with regular HZN1 PS4 news updates.
For now, we leave you with the first gameplay teaser in which SOE President John Smedley takes you through some basic gameplay mechanics. The idea of an open world zombie game with real player freedom sounds too good to be true.
Dead Nation on PS4 is fun, but this is going to be a completely different experience. As we await more details, let us know if you are really pumped up for the H1Z1 game.

The Evil Within gameplay trailer

From The Escapist comes this creepy new trailer.The upcoming survival horror title from Shinji Mikami and developer Tango Gameworks is a walking nightmare.
It’s a good thing The Evil Within takes place in an mental hospital because the look and feel of the game so far is chilling, eerie and really weird. Of course, that’s the mood you want in a survival horror game, right?
Bethesda has released a new trailer for the upcoming title, and it stays true to what we have seen so far in the game — lots of blood, strange abominations and countless attempts to make the main character feel insane. Of course, you can draw your own conclusions from the video below.
The Evil Within is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on August 26 in North America and August 29 in Europe.
Based on what you have seen so far, is this a game you want to play? If anything, it makes you want to leave the lights on.

New weapons for Black Ops 2

Black-Ops-2-Weapon-Camos Dcentral has just released a couple of pics from the new guns available for Black ops 2.Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has received four new Personalization Packs, which are available to download now for Xbox 360 and PS3 from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store respectively, priced $1.99/£1.45. Like all previous Personalization Packs, each one contains a themed weapon camo, reticles, and Calling Card. See below for full details of the new packs.

Zombie Stampede trailer

From Mobile Entertainment comes the app of the day.
Take on waves of flesh-eating zombies in a post-apocalyptic world collecting abilities, weapons and precious zombie juice.
Bandai Namco has released its new mobile title, Zombie Stampede, thrusting players into a post-apocalyptic world full of the undead.
Users must battle their way through the hoards to find safety – collecting new skills and weapons along the way.
Survivors must also gather the precious zombie juice from the corpses of the filthy brain munchers. The more juice that is collected, the more hunter skills are learnt.
Along side the action, the game offers an mix of strategy and collectability, with a number of in-game extras including the car box, which can be filled with hunters, and bonus items that can be added to the game.
Zombie Stampede is available from the App Store for free now.

Zombies on a plane cracked-3DM

zombies on a plane game art3DM with the cracked release of this funny zombie game for pc windows, enjoy.
Publisher: Shangri-la Game StudiosDeveloper: Shangri-la Game StudiosGenre: Arcade
Release name: Zombies.On.A.Plane.Cracked-3DMSize: 206MB

Description:Zombies on a Plane is an exciting new title available on Windows PC, Mac OS X and iOS. Players take on the role of the captain of a troubled jumbo jet carrying infected passengers intent on bringing the plane out of the sky. Fight to stay in the air against hordes of zombies at 30,000ft. As captain in control players must maintain the health of vital key parts such as the engines and rudder. Beat your stats or a friend’s in score, combos, time and kills and fly to the top in the leader boards. Featuring Impressive visuals, realistic flight dynamics and damage handling and an immersive weather system within a world of non stop zombie action that comes together to create a truly innovative and interactive gaming experience like no other. Here are some of the Games features:
Beautiful graphics featuring: bloom lighting, real time reflections, volumetric clouds, etc.
Dynamic weather and day/night cycle
Intelligent zombie AI that react to plane movementzombies on a plane game
Tracks player stats fueling an addictive experience
3 unique modes: Survival, Waves, Free Flight
Fly the iconic jumbo jet
Realistic physics
Full yoke, throttle, brake, and rudder controls
360 degree camera panning with ability to set camera facing each side
Advanced particle effects (sparks, engine fires, explosions)
Never-before-seen gameplay

Zombie Tsunami

zombie tsunamiZombie Tsunami has invaded Windows Phone, moving over from Android and iOS this horde game offers up big and bold graphics, a stunning game design and oodles of addictive gaming gore. We’ve been checking it out on our Nokia Lumia 1320 and Nokia Lumia 520, check out Zombie Tsunami for Windows Phone.
Zombie Tsunami for Windows Phone takes the basic idea of the endless-runner game and adds a whole new dimension of fun and ingenuity. The idea of the game starts simple, you have a solitary zombie and you need to last as long as you can against the various hazards, from cars and buses that can block you way, to tanks, land-mines and even fighter choppers looking to blow you out of existence.
Top 100 free Windows Phone 8 games for Nokia Lumia 720, Lumia 625, Lumia 620, Lumia 520
So far so standard but once you add the idea of gathering a horde, which can swell and shrink as you go along, you have a whole new level of addictive play that is stunning in its simplicity and effortless in its execution.

Dark Souls 2

From the Escapist comes a review of Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls one to date has sold over 2.3 million copies since 2011.While the game originally released on PS3 before moving to PC and Xbox 360, the original was not released on 360 in Japan. From Software said during the presentation Dark Souls 2 would be made available on Xbox 360 at launch in Japan.
A good sequel is often a surprisingly difficult target to aim for. Change too much and you’ll have fans crying foul over the newest chapter losing sight of what made its predecessor so good. Change too little and you’ll get grumbles about having simply released the same game as last time. The ideal balance likely lies somewhere slightly left of center, mostly the same as the last outing but with just enough difference to stave off complete familiarity. Dark Souls II hits its mark dead-on.
Everything that made Dark Souls into a cult success carries over: complex game mechanics, punishing but fair gameplay and a richly detailed setting if you dig a little deeper. To keep things fresh, this is peppered with a mix of new elements, from improved graphics and game engine to a better designed starting sequence and new mechanics. Dark Souls II is a perfect sequel to Dark Souls.)

Zombie Chase 2

zombie chase 2 From Gameasutra comes the latest on Zombie Chase 2. Available for Java and Android.
The wind blows over the houses, there is not a soul there, a dead town? No, but it is only a question of time! Hordes of zombies plunder the surroundings and it must be admitted, with a typical dramatic effect, that you are the last and only one who can avert a total destruction. Accept this challenge offered by Inlogic Software and be a hero of the Wild West.
Endless fun with lots of weapons and other improvements is awaiting you. You will be struggling your way through individual levels and there are different tasks for you apart from the destruction of enemies. Bodyguarding, protecting wagons, destroying buildings, or surviving attacks by the hordes of zombies, you will not miss any of those. In order not to end up in a mortuary, use first-aid kits, ammunition, pouches, or the help of an armed companion or an escort with a wagon. Arm yourself to the teeth – there are several types of zombies awaiting you: weaker, stronger, slow and extraordinarily fast. As an old American Indian saying goes: “ When the limbs fall, the cowboy smiles!“.

Dead Nation Apocalypse edition PS4 trailer

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s president of worldwide studios has been active on Twitter today. Here’s what he’s released.

The brand new Broadcast+ mode gives players the opportunity to stream their playthroughs while viewers interact spawning zombie waves, items and perks writing specific keywords into the chat.
Like that wasn’t enough, your friends can now challenge you sending their ghosts into specific missions to show you how it’s done. It’s not all: we’ll speak about other new exciting features in the upcoming days.
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is part of PlayStation Plus next month and will be available for download on 5th March, check out the new trailer below.

Dead Island Epidemic closed Beta

dead Island epidemic screen shotFrom Gameinformer:
The previously announced closed beta for Deep Silver’s MOBA (sorry… “ZOMBA”), Dead Island: Epidemic, has entered closed beta. As an incentive, Deep Silver is also offering exclusive in-game items and rewards that players can keep after the beta finishes.

Epidemic pits three teams of four against each other, instead of the current norm of two teams. It will also feature gameplay mechanics similar to the other games in the Dead Island franchise, including weapon crafting.
Signups for the beta program are at Dead Island: Epidemic will launch as a free to play game on PC. For more info, be sure to check out our hands-on preview with the game.

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