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Paleyfest: Vampire Diaries panel

This is cool. From the Paleyfest comes the complete Vampire Diaries Q&A panel video. It’s 55 minutes long but it’s quite revealing so tune in and check it out!

The Curse of Chucky

Coming to dvd and Blu- ray just in time for the Halloween season, Oct. 8th, is The Curse Of Chucky. I have to admit I’m a big fan of the franchise, and with the exception of one of the films, I’ve loved the rest.

Here’s they synopsis.:

After the events of Seed of Chucky, Nica, a young woman forced to a wheelchair since birth, has to regroup her sister, Barb and her brother-in-law, Ian for a funeral after the death of her mother. While dealing with Barb, Ian, along with their 5-year-old daughter, Alice; Nica receives an odd package – a creepy doll. After people start showing up dead, the fearless Nica soon suspects that the creepy doll is much more than just a doll.

Directed by Don Mancini, the dvd and blu- ray will also include bonus features that any Chucky fan will appreciate.  Enjoy the trailer.

The Walking Dead zombie school is open!


Yes, the filming of season 4 has officially begun! With that, a fresh “undead” crop of zombies has started their training. Check out the clip below!


World War Z trailer

Shooting across the web, the new World War Z trailer, has offered us some interesting insight into the movie. With a lot of us asking will it really be worth it considering all the delays, well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. As for myself, I’ll make my mind up with all the other folks packed into the theater on June 21st.

Based on the excellent novel by Max Brooks, W.W.Z definitely looks entertaining, to say the least.


The Walking Dead This Sorrowful Life

Yes Walking Dead fans, I’m sorry to say, we’ve only got 2 episodes left before we’re hit with Walking Dead withdrawal! However, you know as well as I do, that it’s going to be an explosive 2 episodes! So don’t miss them! Here’s a sneak peak at next weeks episode This Sorrowful Life.

Days of the Dead mega photo gallery!

We were busy at the Days of the Dead this year! Along with seeing some old friends and making tons of new ones, we took over 300 photos! Actually, my photographer Franklin of M2 studios, took the photos. From weddings to airshows, Franklin definitely knows  his stuff! (there’s your plug my friend) Anyway, go through the gallery and see if your there. Feel free to share the pics with your friends and tell them where you saw the gallery.


EXCLUSIVE video interview with Jonathan Maberry

The 2012  Dragon *con is over, but the great memories live on! The people , the costumes, the events…everything . In a word, it was incredible.  This year, I was given the opportunity to speak on two exciting panels hosted by the Dark Horror and Fantasy track with Mr. Tatum and the chance to sit down and interview the multiple Bram Stoker award winning author, Jonathan Maberry.  While Mr. Maberry’s time was limited, we covered a lot of territory!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video(s).

Dragon Con 2012 Zombie Walk photo gallery

Yes, Dragon Con 2012 has officially come to an end, but here at Dead, Buried, and Back! We’ve captured over a 1000 photos and will be posting galleries for the next few days! Today, we start with Zombies! Enjoy!


Zombie Crush set photos!

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to spend most of the day on the set of Zombie Crush as they entered day two of their shoot. The cast and crew are not only consummate professionals but when your with them you fell like your part of the family. Below, you can follow the link to the eighty or so pics I took. In the coming weeks I will add additional galleries. Remember, the film is NOT fully funded so if you’d like the chance to visit the set or possibly be in the movie  visit to donate to the project.

Now follow the link to the set photos from zombie Crush.

The Shelter: Half way to Halloween photo gallery

I’d like to thank each and everyone who came out to The Shelter this past Friday for the 1/2 way to Halloween party. I’d especially like to thank “Daveo” the owner, for allowing us to photograph and promote the event.

Anyway, we took a few photos…186 to be exact ,so sit back and enjoy the show!

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