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Wednesday 7 December 2016
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Category: pics and videos


Atlanta Walker Stalker photo gallery (part 1)

                        There aren’t words for how awesome the 3rd annual...


Dragon Con: Walking Dead cos-play photo gallery

Dragon Con is famous for it’s cos-players. You can expect to see everything from simple make-up effects to elaborate costumes which...

Dragoncon 2015

Dragon Con photo gallery

Did you attend Dragon Con this year? No? no worries. Whether you made it to Atlanta along with 70,000 plus other con attendees or not,...

Izombie key art 2 no station identific.

iZombie cast interviews

Here’s a couple of cast interviews from the CW networks new series iZombie, starring Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin. iZombie...

Walking dead  rick and daryl poster art

The Walking Dead:”Surviving Together”

A new promo trailer has arrived for the return of The Walking Dead on February 8th.


Ian Somerhalder Q&A vid

In case you missed this, here’s a neat video with the Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder answering your questions!

Paleyfest: Vampire Diaries panel

This is cool. From the Paleyfest comes the complete Vampire Diaries Q&A panel video. It’s 55 minutes long but it’s quite...

The Curse of Chucky

Coming to dvd and Blu- ray just in time for the Halloween season, Oct. 8th, is The Curse Of Chucky. I have to admit I’m a big fan of...

The Walking Dead zombie school is open!

  Yes, the filming of season 4 has officially begun! With that, a fresh “undead” crop of zombies has started their training....

World War Z trailer

Shooting across the web, the new World War Z trailer, has offered us some interesting insight into the movie. With a lot of us asking will...