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Wednesday 23 October 2019
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Category: Horror News- current and past articles


                  Popcorn…check.  Soda…check. I was ready! Having grown up with the original Fright Night I eagerly...

Brian Keene’s Ghoul movie poster

Chiller network will be releasing Brian Keene’s highly anticipated Ghoul hopefully around mid Oct. Here is a first look at the...

DreamWorks Fright Night 3d trailer

Fright Night fans feast your eyes on this!    

DreamWorks Fright Night 3d opens Friday August 19th!

It’s coming horror fans this Friday! From DreamWorks the  highly anticipated Fright Night in 3d! If you haven’t heard about it...

WORLD WAR Z release date 2012!

It’s coming zombie fans!  Deadline has reported that World War Z  will be released by Paramount pictures Dec.21st 2012! This film...

Holliston coming to FearNet

Per a recent article in Deadline, FearNet will be releasing an original series Holliston a half hour Horror/comedy show staring Adam Green...

Walking Dead video from Comic Con 2011

Here’s a great  video of the cast and crew from the  Walking Dead at the 2011 Comic Con .in San Diego  

Frank Darabont steps down as director for Walking Dead

  Per Deadline.com, Frank Darabont has released the reins as director for The Walking Dead  turning the series over to executive producer...

Walking Dead Season 2 new photos!

Walking Dead fans feast your eyes on some of these new photos from the Walking Dead set courtesy of AMCTV ! Season premier airs Oct.16th!

Rob Sacchetto

Zombie fans, if your not familiar with Rob Sacchetto let me introduce you! He has been an artist for over 2 decades, and is highly renowned...