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Wednesday 1 April 2015
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Category: Horror News- current and past articles

Last man on earth pencil sketch art

The Last Man On Earth: “She Drives Me Crazy”

Poor Phil! He just can’t seem to catch a break. On Monday’s episode of The Last Man On Earth episode 7 titled “She Drives...


‘Maggie’ trailer

How does the iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger deal with zombies? Not like you’d think. The following new trailer will answer some...

Frankenstein created Bikers

“Frankenstein Created Bikers”

Atlanta horror movie fans the sequel to “Dear God NO!” is on the way, but they need your help to finish funding the campaign....

unfriended screen shot

‘Unfriended’ early screening

Atlanta folks listen up! We’ve been given a special link for you to follow(LIMITED TIME ONLY!) for a chance to see an EARLY screening...


Wes Craven to develop ‘Disciples’

In case you missed this great news horror fans, Wes Craven is teaming up with the novelist Steve Niles(30 Days Of Night) for ‘The...

relativity logo

Relativity eyes ‘Realm’ short as a possible franchise

Relativity has optioned an exorcist film called Realm, which they believe, may become a very lucrative franchise. Per Deadline, The Rebecca...


Walking Dead: sixty second review

  **SPOILER ALERT** Don’t read on unless you saw last nights episode #15 “TRY”     And here we go Walking...


Grimm review: “No More Nice Juliette”

          By Krissy Notes Its back!!!! So last episode left us with Juliette and Adalind finally having there...

Bates motel season 3 key art

Bates Motel “Persuasion”

Are you keeping up with season 3 of Bates Motel? It’s off to a great start and this Monday’s episode is titled...

atlanta film festival

Atlanta Film Festival starts tomorrow

The annual Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) kicks off tomorrow at noon with the Filmmaker Lounge party.