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Saturday 25 June 2016
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Category: Horror News- current and past articles

Conjuring 2 screen shot

The Conjuring 2 review

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*Spoiler alert* This review contains spoilers. Question: How do you put a fresh spin on demonic possession movies? Answer: You give the...


‘Yoga Hosers’ coming July 29th

Here’s the latest project from Kevin Smith. Once again, he’s taken on the roles of writer, producer and director. Titled Yoga...


Grimm: season finale review ‘Beginning Of The End’

  ***Spoilers ahead***       Recap of last week: H.W. has Zuri, Trubel knows about the Miracle Stick, Renard has won...


Supernatural “All In The Family” review

  Did you watch the last episode of Supernatural? No, well beware! SPOILERS AHEAD! On this week’s episode of Supernatural: Concerned...

joshua hoffine book jacket art

Joshua Hoffine interview

If you like Horror photography then you should be familiar with the name Joshua Hoffine. He’s an acclaimed photographer who has...


‘DramaFever’ presents Friday the 13th lineup

  DramaFever, a streaming service from Warner Bros, offers on-demand streaming video of documentaries, movies, and TV shows with...

locke&Key art 1

‘Locke & Key’ comic being adapted for TV

Joe Hill’s comic Locke & Key is once again under development as a TV series. IDW Entertainment who publishes the books, is...


Grimm: ‘The Taming Of The Wu’ review

**Spoilers ahead!** SO this week its all about Wu and Diana. Yay! Diana is back. Or taken, if you will, by Black Claw. Come on Mesiner!...


Fear The Walking Dead ‘Blood In The Streets ‘ recap

*The following review contains SPOILERS* Welcome to the sixty second recap of Fear The Walking Dead. Blood In The Streets opened with Nick...


Supernatural “The Chitters’ review

On this week’s episode of Supernatural: Sam and Dean go to a small town in Colorado to meet two hunters who have a personal vendetta...