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Godzilla stomps through Japan

godzilla-japan onesheetFinally! Godzilla has made it to Japan. (Kinda funny if you think about it.) Anyway, Godzilla had a great weekend at the box office. Per variety, he was released in four different versions (2D sub-titled and dubbed, 3D subbed and dubbed) on 773 screens on Friday by local exhibition/distribution powerhouse Toho, the picture topped rankings at both online ticket sales sites and Tokyo area multiplexes.
Go! Go! Godzilla! According to one unofficial source, “Godzilla” sold a total of 70,009 tickets on Saturday, compared with 35,309 for second place “Maleficent” and 28,605 for third-place “The Eight Rangers 2,” the sequel to a hit 2012 superhero picture.
But posters on both Twitter and 2-channel also reported many empty seats at “Godzilla” screenings, with the blazing hot weather in much of Japan given as one reason.

SDCC new Vampire Diaries clip

Apparently the Vampire Diaries panel was a little vague this year as to what the characters would or would not be doing. Case in point, who’s still alive? Who’s coming back? Will romances change?It seems that these questions couldn’t be answered.Here’s what we do know.Both Somerhalder and Graham were onstage, along with fellow cast members Nina Dobrev, Matt Davis, and Paul Wesley and Diaries showrunner Julie Plec. The team revealed that season 6 picks up four months after the finale.

SDCC Walking Dead interview vid

There’s nothing like updates from some of the cast of The Walking Dead to keep us die hard fans excited about season 5. Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz, Steven Yeun, and Gurira spoke with EW at the con and joked about potential Comic-Con disguises and more unlikely Walking Dead scenarios—like picnics.
“It has like a Martin slash Three’s Company feel,” star Danai Gurira deadpanned to EW at Comic-Con.

New Mad Max flick: trailer debuts at SDCC

The 2014 SDCC has come to a close but the news keeps pouring in. Here’s a clip from the newest installment in the Mad Max franchise.
The engines of the Mad Max franchise are revved up once again in newly debuted footage online from the next entry in the series.
On Saturday during a Comic-Con panel, director George Millerspoke with moderator Chris Hardwick about Fury Road, the forthcoming prequel to Mad Max, and clips of the film were shown to the audience. A day later, what’s being billed as Comic-Con footage has hit the internet.
Fury Road stars Tom Hardyand Charlize Theron. The title is targeting a 2015 theatrical release date.

Daniel Radcliffe talks about “Horns”

SDCC 2014 bammerHorns key art









The SDCC has brought out the stars giving them the chance to talk about their latest projects. Take Daniel Radcliff for example. Two years ago “Horns” was completed yet this is the first time we’ve be given an in depth look at the film.
Synopsis:The film follows Ig Perrish, the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin. Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer.
Check out the video courtesy of Indiewire’s interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

SDCC Walking Dead **exclusive teaser trailer!

SDCC 2014 bammerThe Walking Dead panel hands down has to be one of the most highly anticipated panels at the SDCC. Why? Well, you have the cast, but then you have the teaser trailer for the new season. Check it out!

walking dead season 5  large banner

Outcast comic goes to Cinemax

Robert-Kirkman and female zombieWhen you’re one of the hottest producers around and you have the # 1 show at AMC which extends into a multi-billion dollar entertainment market, it’s a no-brainer that your new comic would be picked up for pay TV. Yes, I’m talking about Robert Kirkman and his comic “Outcast”. A green light has been given by Cinemax for a pilot episode. They’ve apparently had the script since last November. The project follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers, but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.

SDCC Leprechaun: Origins

A new clip from Leprechaun “Origins” has surfaced thanks to EW, and from what we’ve heard, the reboot is serious business.
Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky described his movie as “terrifying.” Certainly the clip would seem to confirm that the reboot is a considerably more serious affair than the original Warwick Davis-starring series of movies, which included 1997’s Leprechaun 4: In Space and 2000’s Leprechaun: In the Hood.
Leprechaun: Origins debuts on Digital HD and VOD on August 26 and on Blu-ray and DVD, September 30. The last day in September will also see the release of a Blu-ray box set, Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection, which collects together Leprechaun: Origins with the original six movies.

Guess who’s coming to Hannibal?

hannibal1 “I have no plans to call on you Clarice, the world is more interesting with you in it”(Silence of The Lambs)
That’s right, agent Starling is coming to Hannibal Indiewire has reported.
After nearly being canceled following its second (brilliant) season, NBC’s “Hannibal” is pulling out all the stops. At their Comic Con presentation Thursday afternoon, creator Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentis announced that the following seasons of “Hannibal” will introduce the second-most famous character in the Hannibal Lector universe: Clarice Starling.
“We’ll mine the book of ‘Hannibal Rising’ as well as the book of ‘Hannibal’ [in Season 3],” said De Laurentis. “After Episode 8, we’ll start the book of ‘Red Dragon.’ [When that’s over] we’ll start with Clarice Starling.”
“It would be completionist,” Fuller said of the potential plot line.
De Laurentis and Fuller went on to clarify their plans, stating they first must get the rights to use the character of Clarice Starling from MGM Studios before they can use her. They nevertheless plan to incorporate the iconic female detective made famous by Jodie Foster in the 1991 feature film “The Silence of the Lambs” into Season 4.
If they don’t get the rights, Fuller still has a plan: “Schmarlice Schmarling.”
“We would do our own [version of the character],” De Laurentis clarified.
The producers also said they would be introducing a number of new characters well known to Thomas Harris fans in the coming season. Comandante Pazzi will be arriving in Episode 2; Lady Murasaki in Episode 3; Dr. Cordell in Episode 4; and Francis Dollarhide, the main villain of “Red Dragon,” in Episode 8.

Dead Babies comic: Issue 1 FREE

dead babies bday imagedead babies issue 1 cover









In celebration of “Tony’s” birthday he’s putting the first issue of his Dead Babies comic up online digitally and it’s FREE until August 31st.
Follow the link to get your free copy then follow the other link to order additional issues.

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