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Buried Alive Film Festival winners

BAFF 2014  imageThis past weekend The 9th annual Buried Alive Film Festival took place in Atlanta at the Fabrefaction Theater. Over 300 films were submitted and out of those, only 55 films (shorts,features and animations) were screened. Below are the “official” winners, but after viewing 90% of the films, I’d say they were all fantastic. Local, national, and international films were submitted then awarded for best short, animation,feature and the special category of WTF! (What The fu*k!) which simply means, extremely over the top. The awards included the “Silver Spade” for best local runner up and the coveted “Golden Shovel” Award. Dead, Buried, and Back! would also like to extend a special thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, staff and the audience for making the 9th Annual BAFF a huge success.

Best Animation: Fists Of Fire
Best Short film: The Bear Family Secret
Best Feature film: Sunderland Experiment
WTF film: Split
Golden Shovel award: Hellyfish
Silver Spade award: Goat Witch

*** Some movies avail. on Youtube***

“Invasion Of The Undead”

Invasion of the undead key artAtlanta, GA – November 3, 2014 – Independent production company MonsterBuster Entertainment proudly presents the official trailer for its first feature film Invasion of the Undead, an 80’s-style horror comedy in the vein of The Evil Dead and Big Trouble in Little China. The ambitious $17,000 indie film will premiere February 10th at Atlanta’s historic Plaza Theatre, with a digital release to follow on March 3rd. Check out for updates on the movie and its release.
The trailer showcases the movie’s practical and stop motion creature effects, video game-inspired fights, and colorful cinematography similar to that seen in Creepshow and Italian horror films. It also gives a sneak peek at the upcoming Invasion of the Undead video game, a retro 16-bit-style platformer that will be available for free alongside the movie’s digital release in March.
Partially funded through Indiegogo, Invasion follows Allison, a young woman who gets more than she bargained for when she enlists the aid of two freelance paranormal exterminators to combat an undead infestation in her new home. It is the first film in a planned four-part series and the cornerstone of a MonsterBuster Cinematic Universe in which characters from past and present MonsterBuster productions will cross paths as the series progresses- think a horror version of Marvel or Star Wars.
Founded by a group of friends with a lifelong passion for filmmaking, MonsterBuster Entertainment is an Atlanta-based micro budget production company dedicated to the creation of quality genre entertainment. Many of its short films have been featured on television and in festivals such as Tromadance, DragonCon and Buried Alive.

Grimm: “Highway Of Tears”

Grimm moon jpegGrimm fans and those of you who are just getting into Grimm, here’s the trailer for this Friday’s episode titled Highway Of Tears”. Grimm airs on NBC on Friday nights at 9.

Supernatural: “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Supernatural season 10 key art This Tuesday night be sure to catch the Supernatural on the CW network.
Sam (Jared Padaleck) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) stumble upon a demon who is running from Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Before they have a chance to shut him down, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) steps in and takes things into her own hands. Realizing Rowena is trying to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to catch her before she can do much damage. Meanwhile, Hannah (guest star Erica Carroll) runs into a blast from her vessel’s past, which complicates things for her and Castiel (Misha Collins). Robert Singer directed this episode written by Robert Berens.

The Originals : “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

On tonight’s episode of The Originals- Clair Holt returns in “The Brothers That Care Forgot”.Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), who has spent months away living a normal life with baby Hope, finds herself on the run when she realizes Esther (guest star Sonja Sohn) has uncovered her whereabouts. Convinced that Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) and Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) would be powerful allies in his fight to take down Esther, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sets a plan in motion to turn his brothers against their mother. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is conflicted when she and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) stumble upon an ancient ritual that would get their werewolf packs out from under Esther’s control, but would require her to make a tremendous sacrifice. Elsewhere, Rebekah is concerned when she notices something is off with Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) takes matters into her own hands by turning to dark magic, and Cami (Leah Pipes) finds herself at the center of Esther’s dangerous plan. Charles Michael Davis also stars. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Charlie Charbonneau & Michelle Paradise.

NBC halts ‘Constantine’ production

constantine-key art 1 According to THR, Constantine is on the chopping block after just one 13 episode season. That’s a bummer. The show had potential, plus I liked the fact it was shooting here in Atlanta. Constantine was one of three DC Comics-based series to join the schedule this season. Constantine is averaging 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.4 rating among the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 metric, off from Grimm’s 6.3 million and 1.8, respectively.

‘Outcast’ adds to the cast

OUTCAST-02Four lucky actors have officially landed roles on Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’. Picked up by Cinemax, the show revolves around Kyle Barnes played by Patrick Fugit who’s been plagued by possession since he was a child.As an adult, with the help of a reverend, he tries to unveil what lies behind the supernatural manifestations and why he seems to carry special peculiarities.The first issue of the monthly comic was published in 2014 by Image Comics.
And here are the chosen cast members so far:
Patrick Fugit- Kyle Barnes
Philip Glenister- Reverend Anderson a preacher from West Virginia who believes his job is to wage war on evil despite the fact he smokes and drinks.
Reg E Cathy- Giles he’s a friend of the reverend’s and although he doesn’t really believe in possession he does believe in the reverend.
Julia Crockett- Sara Barnes Kyle’s psychotic mother. Although Kyle thinks she’s just crazy there’s more to it than that.
Wrenn Schmidt – Megan Holter She’s a child psychologist and Kyle’s adopted sister. Her mission in life is to help Kyle any way she can.
Kip Pardue Megan’s husband. He’s the skeptic of the bunch and is also a small town cop.

reg e cathykip_pardue_headshot_a_p
wrenn schmidtjuliacrockett-076-edit

Escape Dead Island: review

Reviewed by M. Kelly

Escape dead IslandYesterday I played Escape Dead Island with the understanding that it wasn’t similar to the previous versions of Dead Island and I needed to keep an open mind. In the following review, I’ll point out the pro’s and con’s I found. The version played was for the Xbox 360.
For starters, The cartoon graphics of the game aren’t for everyone but they give the game a unique look. Also the whole game seemed to be a better fit for young teens(13-16) than adults. The story line has potential but needs a little tweaking.
CONS: From the beginning,the game constantly leaves you in a confused state. You really don’t get much of a chance to try and figure out what’s going on. Also, you die pretty easily. The game is very random and at times redundant. And not to be too critical, but the fighting system and mechanics seem to be weak.
In my opinion, this game needed a little more work before it was released. For the money($39.99) this might be one of those zombie games that you want to buy used or receive as a gift.
And those are my thoughts!

‘Hellevator’ game show

Horror Film Producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Preps Fright-Inducing Suspenseful Game Show

Coming off a record-breaking 2014, GSN continues to delve into new genres of game programming with shows that will join the network’s traditional “shiny floor” series, expanding its competitive entertainment roster for 2015. The announcement was made today by David Schiff, senior vice president, programming and development, GSN.

The horror-themed game show HELLEVATOR features contestants entering a dark, mysterious warehouse – via an ominous-looking elevator – where they will compete in a series of scary, suspenseful and emotionally exhausting challenges. Only the survivors will make it out as winners. HELLEVATOR is produced by Matador and Blumhouse Productions in association with Lionsgate Television. Matador’s Jay Peterson and Todd Lubin executive produce. Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum (“Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge,” “Insidious” and “Sinister” franchises), who won a 2014 Emmy® Award for “The Normal Heart,” also executive produces.

CBS hires John August for ‘Scary Stories’

Scary Stories To tellJohn August best know for Big Fish, Frankenweenie, and GO will adapt the iconic book series to film. The novels by Alvin Schwartz, had children of the 1980s and 1990s leery of things that went bump in the night. The series sold over seven million copies worldwide and started with Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark, followed by More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and finally Scary Stories 3: More Tales To Chill Your Bones. The collection of folk tales and urban legends also memorably haunted generations of youngsters with its surreal and nightmarish illustrations by award-winning artist Stephen Gammell.
Sean Daniel and Jason Brown of Sean Daniel Company and Elizabeth Grave of 1212 Entertainment are producing, while Roberto Grande and Joshua Long will executive produce.

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