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Outcast comic goes to Cinemax

Robert-Kirkman and female zombieWhen you’re one of the hottest producers around and you have the # 1 show at AMC which extends into a multi-billion dollar entertainment market, it’s a no-brainer that your new comic would be picked up for pay TV. Yes, I’m talking about Robert Kirkman and his comic “Outcast”. A green light has been given by Cinemax for a pilot episode. They’ve apparently had the script since last November. The project follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers, but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.

SDCC Leprechaun: Origins

A new clip from Leprechaun “Origins” has surfaced thanks to EW, and from what we’ve heard, the reboot is serious business.
Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky described his movie as “terrifying.” Certainly the clip would seem to confirm that the reboot is a considerably more serious affair than the original Warwick Davis-starring series of movies, which included 1997’s Leprechaun 4: In Space and 2000’s Leprechaun: In the Hood.
Leprechaun: Origins debuts on Digital HD and VOD on August 26 and on Blu-ray and DVD, September 30. The last day in September will also see the release of a Blu-ray box set, Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection, which collects together Leprechaun: Origins with the original six movies.

Guess who’s coming to Hannibal?

hannibal1 “I have no plans to call on you Clarice, the world is more interesting with you in it”(Silence of The Lambs)
That’s right, agent Starling is coming to Hannibal Indiewire has reported.
After nearly being canceled following its second (brilliant) season, NBC’s “Hannibal” is pulling out all the stops. At their Comic Con presentation Thursday afternoon, creator Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentis announced that the following seasons of “Hannibal” will introduce the second-most famous character in the Hannibal Lector universe: Clarice Starling.
“We’ll mine the book of ‘Hannibal Rising’ as well as the book of ‘Hannibal’ [in Season 3],” said De Laurentis. “After Episode 8, we’ll start the book of ‘Red Dragon.’ [When that’s over] we’ll start with Clarice Starling.”
“It would be completionist,” Fuller said of the potential plot line.
De Laurentis and Fuller went on to clarify their plans, stating they first must get the rights to use the character of Clarice Starling from MGM Studios before they can use her. They nevertheless plan to incorporate the iconic female detective made famous by Jodie Foster in the 1991 feature film “The Silence of the Lambs” into Season 4.
If they don’t get the rights, Fuller still has a plan: “Schmarlice Schmarling.”
“We would do our own [version of the character],” De Laurentis clarified.
The producers also said they would be introducing a number of new characters well known to Thomas Harris fans in the coming season. Comandante Pazzi will be arriving in Episode 2; Lady Murasaki in Episode 3; Dr. Cordell in Episode 4; and Francis Dollarhide, the main villain of “Red Dragon,” in Episode 8.

Dead Babies comic: Issue 1 FREE

dead babies bday imagedead babies issue 1 cover









In celebration of “Tony’s” birthday he’s putting the first issue of his Dead Babies comic up online digitally and it’s FREE until August 31st.
Follow the link to get your free copy then follow the other link to order additional issues.

AHS “Freakshow” gets Finn Wittrock

ahs freakshow red whiteRyan Murphy is bringing one of his young The Normal Heart co-stars to FX’s Freak Show.
The prolific showrunner announced Thursday via Twitter that Finn Wittrock has joined the fourth season of his FX anthology American Horror Story.
“Thrilled to announce the very talented FINN WITTROCK has joined the cast of Freak Show!” Murphy tweeted.finn-wittrock

Night Mary comic gets live action TV series

Night_Mary_comic As of late, IDW publishing seems to be on a roll! They’re producing Jonathan Maberry’s very successful comics VWars and the Rot&Ruin series based on his novels now they’re giving Night Mary her turn. According to The Escapist, IDW Publishing has just announced a deal with Universal Cable Productions, a division of NBC Universal, to develop a live action television series based on its Night Mary comic book.
Created by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer, Night Mary tells the story of Mary Specter, a young woman with the ability to enter into the dreams of others. While working with patients at her father’s sleep disorder clinic, Mary ends up in the mind of a serial killer, putting herself in jeopardy as the nightmares in his dreams suddenly start to become a harsh reality.
“Of my creator-owned projects, Night Mary has always held a special place, definitely the best thing Kieron Dwyer and I created together,” said Rick Remender. “It’s very gratifying to see it finding new footing as a television series, ten years after its initial publication, and with such a skilled team at the helm.”
To help bring Night Mary to the small screen, IDW and UCP have enlisted the help of John Pogue, writer and director of The Quiet Ones. Pogue has been tapped to write and direct the Night Mary pilot.
“Remender and Dwyer’s Night Mary is a shockingly inventive and ingenious story with mind-bending potential,” said Pogue. “Night Mary explores the next frontier-the human brain-through the dark adventures of a lucid dreamer, and what happens when conspiratorial elements attempt to turn our reality into a living nightmare.”
No word yet on any potential casting for the series, or just where or when the series might find a home

Tatiana Maslany : Shaun Of The Dead interview & video

Here’s something cool that came in from THR from the SDCC which started today.The 28-year-old Canadian actress had been building a career up north, doing TV and the occasional movie, when Orphan Black crossed her path. Her performance — which has Maslany playing a series of clones, all trying to figure out who created them and why — has gotten her two Critics’ Choice Awards, a Golden Globe nom and the adoration of such showrunners as Damon Lindelof and Shawn Ryan.
When did you go to your first convention?
It was in San Francisco about six years ago; we were doing press for a movie I did called Ginger Snaps: Unleashed. There were four people in the front row and four of us on the panel, and we basically outnumbered the audience. I absolutely loved it.
Is there anyone whose autograph you’d wait in line for?
The cast of Shaun of the Dead. I met Edgar Wright, and he was awesome, but I’d love to meet Simon Pegg. I saw Shaun of the Dead when it first came out, and I was just blown away. I was just like, “This is a perfect film.” I cried. I laughed. I was terrified. I believed every moment.
What has been your favorite fan interaction?
There was a girl who was dressed as one of the clones on Orphan Black dressed as another clone. It was like this totally esoteric, very detailed costume — nobody else would know who she was except us. It was really great to see that.

SDCC “Under The Dome”

under-the-dome-comic-con-2014The San Diego Comic Con is certainly the hotbed for updates on whats new in TV, movies,gaming,comics and more.Including celebrity panels. From the SDCC, ”No one is safe under the dome,” said executive produce Neal Baer today about whether more characters would die on the CBS summer drama.
“We kept the body count down for the beginning of the season so we can rev it up towards the end,” Baer added during today’s panel discussion. “There are no set rules,” the EP also remarked about whether killed-off characters could come back.
A five-minute clip of Episode 7 was shown during the panel, hinting with Mike Vogel’s character Dale “Barbie” Barbara falling into a deep cavern that the dome may prove not to so impregnable. “One of our characters might get out of the dome this season, literally,” said Baer. “We just finished shooting last week and we know the ending but we won’t tell you.” The episode airs August 11.

Jack Black’s “Goosebumps”

goosebumps movieThe first news has started to flow in from the 2014 SDCC. From Deadline, Sony at least had the effervescent Jack Black in tow to promote Goosebumps, its August 7, 2015 adaptation of the youth horror novels by R.L. Stine. Black plays a version of Stine in the film, in which the author keeps all the nightmare monsters from his literary works locked up in his books until a young neighbor (Dylan Minnette) accidentally releases them into the real world. Black and Goosebumps director Rob Letterman just finished the shoot and brought onstage with them a “co-star” from the film — Slappy the Dummy, the ventriloquist’s dummy that comes alive in the series’ popular Night of the Living Dummy stories.

Steven Yeun talks acting and career roles

steven yeun side profile“I think that if I had not been Asian, I probably would have a whole plethora of roles, at least to audition for, but it’s just not what has been written” he tells TheWrap
Steven Yeun took a big leap of faith back in 2005, deciding that instead of pursuing a proper — and lucrative — career, he’d instead move to Chicago to try his hand at acting.
The risks here were twofold: First, it is of course remarkably difficult to forge and sustain a career as a working actor — and it is exponentially more difficult to do so as an Asian-American.
Exhibit A: Yeun is one of the most important cast members on the biggest show on television, “The Walking Dead,” and he’s still fighting hard to earn the sort of auditions that reflect his success.
“People ask, ‘So, how are the roles now? You must be getting so many.’ And it’s like, I don’t know if you know, but I’m Asian still,” Yeun told TheWrap earlier in July, laughing. “It’s not a complaint, that’s just how it is now, and I have to forge my own path through it and see that through. I think that if I had not been Asian, I probably would have a whole plethora of roles, at least to audition for, but it’s just not what has been written.” Continue reading “Steven Yeun talks acting and career roles” »

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